Overseas Removal

The whole world is open to you.

Geuer accompanies you competently and comprehensively in all questions concerning your overseas move. With our partner companies and the IAM (International Association of Movers), we are represented throughout the world. Major shipping companies in Hamburg, reliable freight agencies at your destination – the Geuer network covers all requirements.

Our know-how saves you time and nerves

The Geuer Origin Service takes care of all the work for you at the point of departure. We create customs-relevant inventory lists, fulfill all import regulations and take care of the complete customs formalities. We insure your transport and pack sensitive items as required for the different climatic zones. Don’t be surprised if you are already expected in a foreign country. With our destination service we are also there for you in your new home. Our partner companies all over the world know the local conditions, the relevant key data of your move and help you with all questions.

Sea freight or air freight? Mostly both.

Whether by sea or air, we never solve your transportation issues in a cookie-cutter way, but in a way that makes sense. There are a few important things that you need right away when you arrive at your new place of residence. Clothes or important documents that you need immediately at the new place of residence, we send in advance by air freight. Furniture and large-volume removal goods follow by ship across all oceans. Special packing in seaworthy containers and professional container loading are a matter of course. We also take care of the delivery of your belongings to your new home and all service and assembly work according to your individual wishes.

Umzug ferne

The overseas move is often associated with many question marks for our customers. Who will take care of my registration with the authorities, which re-registration do I have to do at all? , are there customs regulations? And if so, which ones affect me?
Fortunately, we at Geuer know exactly. For your international move, we take care of all the tasks before and after the move. We will gladly help you with the necessary information, with which office you have to apply for which forms and not infrequently we will also gladly take care of errands for our customers as part of the relocation service.

Customs agents are an absolute must for any move outside the Schengen Agreement. Because it is not uncommon for incorrectly filled out forms or incorrectly declared goods to upset the entire schedule. To make sure you reach your goals on time, we at Geuer have experts who take care of exactly these issues for you. Our motto for you: perfectly planned to the destination.

Our service for your international move at a glance:


  • Registration and classification for customs of the goods to be transported (removals outside the EU)
  • Container provision / truck provision at Originplace (trucks for moves to other European countries)
  • Overseas / long-distance packing of the removal goods (furniture, cartons, household goods)
  • Freight service at the shipping company
  • Provision of specialized personnel at the freight destination
  • Advice on topics: Customs, insurance, shipping, taxes, de-registration and deregistration)

Our international moving company

We can flexibly handle your move abroad within Europe with our trucks. For an overseas move we use our own overseas containers. We will gladly take care of the overseas packing of your furniture. Because a move with a container has completely different requirements than a move overland or by air. Here it is very important to make sure that no food or perishable goods are packed. Likewise, the cargo must always be properly secured to avoid any surprises at the place of arrival. We at Geuer are happy to take care of this. We have been packing and shipping containers for our customers all over the world since 1983. Foreign removals to the USA or China are on our daily program.

The cost of moving abroad does not necessarily depend on the distance. A large move within Europe can cost just as much as a small load to Australia. Reputable moving companies will always give you good advice and calculate the price based on the mass and volume of your move. Geuer is an internationally oriented company. We specialize in the shipment of moving goods to foreign countries. Overseas moving has been an integral part of our service portfolio for many years. We take over the shipping of machines or the relocation of employees and their private households abroad and overseas for private as well as commercial customers.

With Geuer International GmbH, you have an experienced partner at your side when it comes to overseas relocation. For many years we have been moving customers all over the world. We often use special 20 to 40 foot overseas containers or so-called high-cubes for oversized equipment and items. To ensure that your belongings arrive safely abroad, our specialists pack your belongings in a way that is suitable for overseas transport. Our staff is specially trained and prepares your furniture for the long journey by ship or air freight. Sensitive goods are transported specially packed and secured.


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