Clearing - Disposal

What you want to get rid of is disposed of cleanly

Do you not want to take care of the professional disposal of old furniture, bulky waste or no longer needed electrical appliances during your move? No problem. We leave your old apartment or property exactly as you want it. Broom-clean, completely emptied and, if desired, freshly renovated.

Collection and disposal only by specialized companies

We use proven regional partners from the large Geuer network to reliably clear out living space, basements and attics for you. Separation into hazardous materials and recyclables is carried out according to certified quality standards. If you would like to make use of the bulky waste collection service, it is best to discuss this with us right away during your relocation consultation.

Quantities and sizes do not matter.

Planned in time, even large-scale de-cluttering measures are no problem for us. If living space or storage areas have suffered greatly over the years, we will be happy to coordinate professional painting or renovation work into your move.