Our expertise is your capital.

Geuer is your specialist for your perfectly planned major moves. For personalised planning, time management and implementation one the most important prerequisites is: time is money. Benefit from our long experience in company relocations, laboratory relocations or plant relocations. Including all services and transportation.

For company removals of all types and sizes.

Whether you are relocating your site or your business, moving individual offices, setting up new branches or have a complex laboratory relocation pending: we’ll take care of it. All the internal structures at Geuer are so designed to allow the smooth meshing of well-established procedures for you personally. Thus a customised solution is always created for you.

We make your goals our own.

Our performance meets the highest quality standards. Because we know that the economic productivity of your business should be as little affected by relocation activities as possible.

Every Geuer company relocation plan is therefore calculated around minimising downtime and maximising efficiency. We work in time slots that can be adapted to your individual needs. It does not matter to us how far or how much will be in transit, nor at what time of day. Tell us your plans. Then we will reply with a realistic, fair offer.