To-do lists

Good preparation is half the battle.

Unquestionably, a checklist of everything you need is an important part of your relocation planning. With a well-structured to-do list, you never lose track and always know what to do next and what you can check off with a clear conscience as done. Here are a few examples:

3 – 6 Months before the move

– terminate old lease

– any change of school for children

2-4 months in advance

– clean out and de-clutter apartment

– request pickup of bulky waste

3 – 4 weeks in advance

– apply for relocation leave from your employer

– re-register phone

– cancel standing orders and direct debits for old apartment at bank

– set up standing orders and direct debits for new apartment at the bank

2 – 3 weeks in advance

– apply for forwarding of mail at the post office

– change of address (newspaper subscriptions, banking, insurance, GEZ broadcasting fee collection, public utilities, agencies, mobile operators …)

– if necessary, organise auxiliary helpers

– if there are parking problems in front of old / new apartment: apply for special permit

– obtain plenty of packing materials

– procure tools required for dismantling and reassembly of furniture

1 – 10 days in advance or relocation week

– possibly renovate new apartment

– obtain cleaning supplies and bin bags

– fill packing cases (not too heavily)

– provide packages with labels for content and perhaps room details

– buy drinks (water, fizzy drinks, beer) for relocation

– organise meals for moving day

– handover of new apartment (handover certificate!)

– register or cancel your registration place of residence with authorities

– possibly re-register car

– apply for electricity, water and gas utilities for new apartment

On moving day:

– read electricity/gas and water meters old apartment and cancel your registration

– have an emergency chemist’s to hand

– sweep out old apartment / perhaps renovate

– Handover of old apartment (handover certificate!)

Inventory list (PDF 350 KB)

Apartment handover protocol (PDF 34 KB)

Liability information (PDF 209 KB)


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