High-tech removals

Optimized restart after the move

Moving sensitive technical equipment places the highest demands on packaging and transport. Here, it is not only a matter of reinstalling complex systems after transport from A to B as efficiently as before. Ideally, Geuer’s expertise even enables you to carry out optimizations to increase performance as part of your move.

Special moves for high-tech of any kind

Geuer’s area of expertise for special relocations is large. The dismantling and rebuilding of large server racks or complete data centers is part of it, just like the relocation of medical facilities or highly sensitive laboratory equipment. The quality of our services plays a decisive role here. That’s why, in cooperation with our partners, only certified specialists are deployed on your behalf. From specialists for transport packaging to highly qualified computer scientists.


Relocation with function guarantee

Before each move, we record and document your system logistics down to the last detail. In this way, we ensure at all times that the functionality of your systems can be mirrored 100% at the new location. If your planning requires it, parts of your relocation goods can be professionally stored temporarily at Geuer.

Extensive in-house storage capacities are available. They also enable warehousing solutions that allow you to bridge any disruptions to your business caused by the move in many respects.