Moving to and from Switzerland with the professionals

Switzerland is a popular emigration country for Germans. Here secure jobs with good earning potential and a high quality of life attract, often reasons enough to start a new life in Switzerland. Trust the moving company Geuer International with your move.

Our moving service to Switzerland

To ensure that the move to the new country runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible for you, it is best to leave the planning to our specialists for international moves. With the help of our detailed moving goods list, you can determine the details of the furniture transport such as disassembly and assembly yourself in advance. Of course, our competent staff will also take care of the complete moving service

  • from the professional packing of the entire household goods to the transport
  • transport to unpacking and
  • unpacking and putting away at the new place of residence,
  • including professional craftsman service.

A change of residence especially to Switzerland, although it is our neighboring country, requires perfect preparation and the completion of some formalities. A checklist does an excellent job and provides an overview. You should know that you have to deregister at the registration office of your previous municipality and register at the new place of residence within two weeks. You will need the deregistration confirmation to enter Switzerland. Likewise, the rental contract, employment contract, identity card or passport and the vehicle documents of your own vehicle, so that this can be registered in Switzerland, must be kept ready. Furthermore, the customs administration requires a plausible list of the relocation goods being carried in order to be able to import them duty-free and without hesitation. A specific form is provided for this purpose. Only protected animals and exotic plants are subject to special import regulations. If sensitive goods, such as an art object, are being moved, Geuer will also take care of this special transport. If it is not possible to move all the furniture into the new apartment immediately, we provide a warehouse for interim storage.


Moving with the professionals to Zurich

Your destination is Zurich? Then you should profit from an experienced international dispatch department that knows all about Zurich


Moving with the professionals to Basel

To move to a new city or even country often causes many questions and your daily routine might get mixed up. Therefore, if a relocation to Basel is ahead


Moving with the professionals to Bern

Today there are around 7.000 Germans living in Bern. That means: More than 20 percent of the foreign inhabitants of the city came originally from Germany.

Move safely to the Alpine region

No matter where your new home is located in beautiful Switzerland. The country impresses with imposing mountain panoramas, with the unmistakable Matterhorn towering over everything. Wonderfully located are the crystal clear lakes such as Lake Constance, Lake Como, Lake Geneva, Lake Lugano or Lake Lucerne, where the Rütli meadow, national setting of the Schiller drama “William Tell” is located. The idyllic mountain world delights winter sports enthusiasts as well as climbers, hikers or cyclists. The entire Alpine region is characterized by varied picture-book landscapes. In places like Arosa, Basel, Davos, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen, St. Moritz, Zurich and Zermatt, active vacations, relaxation, culture and culinary delights can be excellently combined.

What else is important?

Our moving guide has valuable tips for you. Important to know: It is mandatory to take out health insurance with a Swiss health insurance company. You have three months to do this. In Switzerland, different sockets are used than in Germany. Euro plugs or adapters are required. Also, do not forget to use the forwarding service of Deutsche Post. Many regulations must be observed, which we will gladly take care of for you personally. Trust us at Geuer. We know all about customs and import regulations abroad, especially in Switzerland. Through our planning and our experience with moves to Switzerland, we avoid long waiting times at the border and save costs for you.





Swiss relocation service

In relocation service we get into a planning phase of your move very early and take over much more tasks than packing, assembling and transporting your furniture. We take care of a turnkey handover of your old as well as new apartment or house. This can also mean that we take over the complete planning of your change of residence.  Often we even take care of the apartment search for our clients. In doing so, we are usually well acquainted with the current premises and organize an apartment search that corresponds exactly to the ideas and needs of our customers. We take note at an early stage which apartment suits you and whether you can develop there as much as in your old one, or whether there is even room for improvement. In addition, we are happy to help with errands to the office and take care of the registration at the Residence Registration Office or obtain the residence permit necessary to be allowed to live in Switzerland. Once your residence is registered, we can also take care of many other issues, such as the registration of a car in Switzerland. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary information. Of course you will also need telephone and internet in your new home. If desired, we will try to organize this for you. The bottom line is that our goal is to get you to your new address as comfortably as possible.