Moving to Zurich with the professionals

Your moving destination is Zurich? Then it’s best to benefit from the experience of an international freight forwarder who knows the area inside out: Geuer! Your personal relocation consultant knows all the formalities and knows exactly which things need to be taken care of, which deadlines need to be met and documents need to be filled out, and which official offices are responsible for you. The attractive city, the beautiful surroundings, the pleasant climate and better job prospects attract many Germans to Zurich. The fact that relatives and friends in Germany are always relatively easy to reach makes the decision to move Switzerland even easier.

Our best moving service

To make your move to Zurich as stress-free and smooth as possible, it is best to take advantage of our moving service for international furniture transport. Discuss with your personal moving consultant which work should be carried out by our professionals and whether you would like to do some of the work yourself. Of course, our relocation experts will also be happy to take care of the complete relocation preparations, including customs formalities. The transfer of residence to Switzerland is the most important condition for your household goods, personal collections, animals or your car to be imported into Switzerland duty-free. The imported items must also have been used by you personally for at least 6 months and they must continue to be used by you after importation.

Our relocation services also include planning the optimal transport route. In the event that you first move into a furnished apartment in Bern, our moving company will provide proper storage for your currently unneeded household goods. In the course of planning the move, it should also be decided whether and which items have to be moved at all. Often a new acquisition of many things is cheaper than the transport. Of course, our experienced movers will also take care of the proper disposal. If your removal goods are ultimately limited to a manageable load, then we recommend that you have them transported by inexpensive additional loads.

Moving to the new environment

Zurich is the most important economic, scientific and social center of Switzerland. The city is located in the eastern Swiss Mittelland, on the Limmat River at the outflow of Lake Zurich. For years, Zurich has been listed alongside Geneva as one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world, but also with the highest cost of living. With the largest railroad station in Switzerland and the airport, the city of Zurich is a continental transportation hub. and thanks to its many major banks and insurance companies, the largest financial center in Switzerland.

In the leisure sector, Zurich has much to offer. An active cultural scene with over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries, leading hotels and restaurants, shopping opportunities for the renowned international brands and a vibrant nightlife. In the middle of the city are numerous lake and river baths, and the hilly, green surroundings are perfect for hiking. Furthermore, Zurich is a leading knowledge and business location and is characterized by its good accessibility and excellent infrastructure.





What is important for the move to Switzerland

Moving to Zurich from Germany involves relatively low costs compared to overseas emigration destinations and, despite some customs regulations, is hardly more costly than moving within Germany. The language barrier is low; with a share of just under 63%, German – or more precisely Swiss German – is the most commonly spoken language. The fact that a move to Zurich is often for professional reasons is due to the much higher salaries than in Germany. Our moving guide has many more practical tips for you. Geuer informs you with a ToDo list about all steps for timely notices, registration, deregistration and reregistration with offices or insurance companies. Our experienced contact persons for private moves within Europe will be happy to advise you personally and will also take care of formalities and dealings with authorities that you may not be able to do yourself in terms of time.