At the heart there are people.

Like any innovative company, we do not orient ourselves towards the average, but want to set new standards. Not only in terms of customer satisfaction, quality assurance and increasing our performance. In our role as an employer in the Münster region and as a partner in the Euro Movers network, we factor in these quality standards explicitly.

“Let’s move together” – our comprehensive motto.

People are the focus of our work. Employees are our company’s most valuable asset – because together, we want to make a difference. This attitude is our motto and that of EUROMOVERS, whose founding member is Geuer. It carries the idea of world citizenship for people, families, children, clients, partners and friends. With all their different cultures, traditions and languages.

Social commitment in our region.

As un-bureaucratically as possible, Geuer International Ltd. is involved in social projects in the region around Münster. Out of enthusiasm, friendship and a sense of helpfulness we repeatedly support associations, institutions or aid projects. With material resources, transport services or financially – in any case, always directly from person to person.