Rent storage space in Münster. Secure storage optimized for your furniture and much more.

Geuer’s storage capacities and service offerings are geared to any storage need. As a service provider for secure storage and transport, we offer our services in such a modular way that they can be combined very individually. Whether you need to store furniture, sports equipment or machinery, we’ve got you covered. Our resources include extensive storage space for all possible types of storage. We can provide you with units from one to 1,000m2. Various storage options are available. From individual storage boxes to storage rooms for an entire apartment.

Customers incorporate our flexibility into their processes

Geuer customers want to be able to act quickly and conveniently. We are available to them as a responsible logistics partner for all matters relating to external storage. Self-storage, furniture storage, warehousing, container storage, file logistics – the range of services is wide. It can be individually adapted to almost any customer requirement. At Geuer, storage is a business field all its own, developed from years of experience in the moving business. In the process, the company learned how to deal with the storage of furniture as well as wood and fabrics of all kinds. The completed specialization in warehousing took place with the construction of the first warehouse near Münster with storage compartments and storage containers designed for storage. Here 5000 cubic meters of storage space were created, which is EDP-controlled and modularly built for our customers by means of a crane system.

More space at home

Our customers are mostly private individuals who want to store at Geuer due to a stay abroad or time constraints. But also companies and retailers integrate the storage facilities of Geuer into their logistics process. The biggest difference between us and conventional providers of self-storage and storage is the service that can be booked with Geuer. The most common problem our customers face is driving and transporting storage material to the central warehouse. This takes time and resources that can be provided by Geuer. Here, we can draw on our well-trained personnel in the transport sector and incorporate our know-how from our special discipline entirely into your warehouse process.

You do not need to bother at all. We take care of all the packing work and pick up the items for storage at your premises. Depending on the type and volume of the stored goods, we store them in high-bay warehouses or in specially designed storage containers. Like the entire Geuer storage area, these are temperature-controlled and optimally protected against environmental influences. The storage containers offer the great advantage that they are ISO standardized and can be transferred to any location with our transport vehicles. Store today in Münster and order your storage afterwards to New-York, Madrid or London.

Full mobility - The mobile storage room

You want to store very sensitive things? No problem. Packing, transport and storage of sensitive objects is part of our daily business. Our references include many households as well as laboratories and art warehouses. If you only need storage space and have your own vehicles and transport materials, that’s no problem either. At Geuer you can rent your very own storage package. These range from self-storage for storing goods to practical storage in overseas containers. Simply ask your Geuer contact which storage model makes the most sense for you.

We are valued as specialists in the region

In the storage sector, Geuer’s offer ranges from efficient self-storage to professional storage or temporary storage by our staff. Households or just the basement, valuable furniture, bulky removal goods or the complete company equipment – everything fits. On request, we offer various relevant services for this purpose. The necessary removal and transport logistics are taken into account from the very beginning. The special is in particularly good hands with Geuer. Here you benefit from the experience and equipment available to our specialists for loading, transporting and storing complicated and sensitive industrial goods. Geuer always plays it safe – so that your valuable goods remain whole.


A modern warehouse naturally includes storage facilities protected from the elements. Our storage containers are ventilated, dry and waterproof.


The safety of your goods is our top priority. In addition to professional loading and handling of your belongings, our protective measures also include a special locking system, camera surveillance and locking documentation. Your storage place will not be opened without your permission.


Flexibility is important to our customers, so we offer our storage space as you need it. You can store with us for 6 years or one week. From a whole office equipment to ski equipment we take all goods in stock.

Rent moving boxes and crates for storage and have them delivered to Münster

You do not know in which boxes or containers to pack your things? No problem, just use moving boxes and boxes with us. We will deliver them for you in Münsterland. Depending on the length of your storage period, we can create exclusive offers for you. Just discuss wishes and suggestions with our sales department and we will try to make it possible. Transport and packing can also be part of our storage service for you. For a long-term stay abroad or short-term renovation, our storage box is available for both.

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