CAD drawings

Ideal for integrated project management

CAD planning is not only an essential component for your relocation consulting. This tool is also ideal for central relocation management and for visualizing space utilization. In the process, digital scenarios run through what options are open to you in the new property. Room planning, inventory distribution, staff occupancy plans – practically everything can be created with it. Naturally, the data protection of sensitive company data is guaranteed at all times.

A tool for joint planning

After digitally recording your relocation inventory, Geuer will make a proposal for the occupancy of your new premises. All our experience from hundreds of complex relocation projects flows into this for you. The basis is the original plans of your new room sections.


We use this draft as a basis for discussion for the further planning of your holistic relocation concept. How do we optimally accommodate your building services? Do we have to plan extra partition walls? Do additional power connections make sense?

Data pool for the entire project plan

Together we go through all detailed solutions for your move via CAD planning until the final decision is made. In this way, perfect visualizations are created for all central parts of your planning. They are the optimal working basis for all employees and trades involved in the move.



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