How to pack what

Proper packing makes everything easier.

We are pleased to offer you our packing service for the packaging of all cabinet contents and small parts. If you wish to take on the packaging of the boxes yourself, please pay attention to a few fundamental pieces of advice that we recommend for relocation.

Clear identification and box labelling.

Label each box with an indication of the content or the room name. The boxes are distributed to the right room by our staff in accordance with this information, so that the box with the pots is in the kitchen and the box with the laundry is in the bedroom, and not the other way around. This saves you a lot of time and unnecessary work searching for the right box.

Note the maximum weight.

Packing boxes should not weigh more than 20kg packed. Remember that each box must be stowed and carried on the removals van. Packing boxes are always carried by an employee. Also you need to be able to move and stack the packed boxes inside the apartment. It is recommendable to only half fill the boxes with heavy items (such as books, porcelain or the like) and then fill with light items (linens, sofa cushions, etc.). Hint: pack the box in such a way that the side handles remain free!

Preventing damage to crockery and books.

Damage to plates can be avoided if you do not lay them in the packing boxes, but stand them. Always make sure with dishes and glasses that there is enough padding between individual items. If you shake the ready packed box lightly, there should not be an audible clinking.

For books, the “open” sides, i.e. unbound pages, should never be packed against each other, to avoid buckling of the pages. Very valuable books should best be additionally wrapped in brown paper. With books, please also pay particular attention to the weight. We can gladly provide you with the appropriate packaging materials, such as tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc.

Newspaper can be used as a filler material between the already packaged goods. Note, however, that the printer’s ink rubs off easily. Bubble wrap is not suitable for the packaging of dishes and glass.

Disclaimer for self-packers.

Please note that insurance companies will not accept liability for the contents of the boxes that you pack yourself. You can book a partial packing of your household goods with us. Thus you can pack the “unbreakable” objects yourself and let us pack the dishes, porcelain, etc.

Large items, pictures and mirrors.

Items that do not fit into the packing boxes because of their size are stowed professionally by our staff. All glass furniture parts, e.g. glass tabletops, glass shelves, etc. should always be packed by our staff.

Leave the packaging of pictures, paintings and mirrors to our employees. They are especially trained for this and have both the right know-how and the right materials.

If you still want to pack even these items yourself, be sure to eliminate the biggest sources of risk, in particular reinforcing the corners and edges. Paintings must always be doubly packed, i.e. packaged with bubble wrap and picture boards.


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