Furniture assembly

Professional assembly of all furniture

As part of your move, trained Geuer teams of carpenters and craftsmen will take care of the complete disassembly and reassembly of all furniture. On request and if necessary, they will adapt cabinets, shelves and other furniture on site to the special features of your new home. For example, on slopes, under windows or under the roof.

We assemble all the furniture during the move

furniture transport - packing - IT & cabling - furniture assembly - kitchen assembly

You have complicated furniture which must be dismantled and reassembled during the move? We are the right professionals for the job. We assemble and install kitchens, wardrobes, beds and much more.

Everything included: tools, packing, furniture elevator

Even the most bulky furniture and furniture parts will reach your new home safely and undamaged with us. If necessary, we use, for example, mobile outdoor elevators. Trust in our experience from piano transport to kitchen units – we are very familiar with all furniture systems, antiques and bulky art objects.

Optimized loading: Lesson learned is lesson learned

To avoid wasting time, your Geuer team packs each moving truck in a well-planned sequence. This way, when your furniture is unloaded, it reaches the assemblers in your apartment in exactly the order that makes sense for reassembly. We also install washing machines, stoves, televisions and other electrical appliances so that they work again immediately.

If you wish, Geuer full service around your furniture is happy to go even further. Temporary storage of household goods in the Geuer container warehouse, disposal of old furniture and clearing out – please feel free to contact us.