Moving to and from Austria with the professionals

Our neighboring country Austria is more and more favored by Germans as a country of emigration to live and work there. The change in everyday living conditions is hardly noticeable, as there are no language barriers. Austria is also an EU country, so there is full freedom of establishment. The beautiful alpine country attracts with good working conditions, just as good earning possibilities, an efficient education system and an excellent quality of life.

Our moving service - your moving company

For a change of residence to Austria, there are hardly any entry regulations to be observed. Nevertheless, the planning of the move should start in time to get used to the new place of residence as stress-free as possible. With our professional relocation service you are on the safe side. The relocation preparations will be explained in detail in a personal conversation with our competent relocation consultants for private moves abroad. Our service includes any work


  • from dismantling,
  • packing,
  • transport of furniture
  • to the unpacking and assembly of the entire removal goods.

A list of moving goods as well as a checklist about the preparations for the move provide information about the individual tasks. Choose which work you would like to entrust to our moving company. If required, we will of course also coordinate a reliable craftsman service on site.

Our relocation experts are familiar with all the regulations to be observed and formalities to be completed. In Austria, the permanent settlement of German citizens is quite simple. Neither a visa nor a work permit is required for entry, the relocation goods are imported duty-free, and there is no need to carry a list of relocation goods. The only requirement is to register at the registration office within three days of moving in, presenting your identity card or passport and the landlord’s signed registration form. The responsible office is mainly located in the municipal offices; in the so-called statutory cities such as Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg or Klagenfurt, however, in the respective magistrate. In Vienna, the magistrate’s district office is responsible. You will receive the permanent settlement permit upon application if you have sufficient health insurance coverage and do not claim social welfare benefits. The registration of a motor vehicle must take place after one month at the latest, upon presentation of a liability insurance policy. A transfer of the driver’s license is not necessary.

Your new environment

Discover your new center of life, the country of Austria. Each of its provinces impresses with the most diverse regions, landscapes and culinary specialties. In the southernmost province of Carinthia lie the most beautiful and warmest bathing lakes such as Lake Wörthersee or Lake Millstätter See. Passionate winter sports enthusiasts are spoiled with wonderful slopes and cross-country ski trails in Tyrol, Vorarlberg or in the Salzburg region. Cyclists like to explore Upper and Lower Austria as well as Styria. The country of Austria also has important cities to offer. Tourist attraction is probably the capital Vienna with its worth seeing monuments from the imperial era and a creative cultural scene. Equally attractive is the Mozart city of Salzburg. Palaces and castles as well as baroque and modern art characterize the lifestyle of the Salzburgers. Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, scores with many monuments and sights against an imposing mountain backdrop.





What else is important?

Take a look at our ToDo list. It contains valuable tips for planning the timing of the formalities to be completed. Make a note of the dates for notices of termination as well as registration, deregistration and reregistration with authorities, banks or insurance companies. If necessary, clarify questions concerning your pension before you move. And you should know that a valid veterinary rabies vaccination certificate is required for bringing pets, especially dogs and cats.

Our specialized, experienced contact persons for private moves within Europe will be happy to advise you personally and will also take care of formalities and dealings with the authorities. Trust us at Geuer.

Relocation Service - Maximum comfort when moving

If you have decided to live in Austria, you will not only need a professional moving company to take you there, but you will also have to take care of a number of administrative procedures and orders. Here, too, we can be a valuable advisor as part of our relocation service. Relocation service can mean that we not only assist you in packing, transporting and assembling all furniture, pictures and equipment, but that we also plan for you an early turnkey transition to your new location. This includes


  • tradesmen’s goods and orders as well as
  • errands to the registration office, where we register you by proxy.
  • Likewise, you need to take care of school registrations for children, and we can help with this as well.

Often we also help our customers to find the ideal apartment. For this purpose, we make an actual comparison of your current housing situation and look around for you specifically according to your ideas and needs.


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