International move within Europe

At home from Gibraltar to the North Cape

Moving within Europe is no longer as complicated as it used to be. Nevertheless, there are some legal regulations and peculiarities in some countries that you should know and take into account. If you want to make your move particularly easy and safe, it’s best to plan with Geuer. We can offer you everything from a simple additional load to a full-service move.

We take care of every detail

With a comprehensive range of services, Geuer does much more than an ordinary international moving company. Simply decide for yourself what should be included in your Geuer move within Europe. From a comprehensive list of moving goods to safe transport and a comprehensive relocation service, we can take care of everything that costs you time and nerves.

Complete removals with Geuer International

Packing - Transport - Storage - Furniture assembly - Kitchen assembly

We bring you safely to your destination. Worldwide we have a reliable network of customs agents, ferry companies and shipping centers. 

Ask us for suitable references

Residence and travel regulations, permanent residence rights, voting rights or registration formalities… There are many questions to be answered, and Geuer has the answer to all of them. Benefit from all our experience in dealing with offices and authorities. We will gladly give you examples of people who have already changed their place of residence within Europe before you.

We at Geuer see ourselves as a service provider for relocations abroad. Thereby we are not limited to any size. As a relocation company we carry out private relocations as well as relocations of employees for companies and corporations. For smaller private removals we are energetically at your side and really get to work. For business customers or employee relocations in the context of an expat relocation, we also carry out many administrative tasks in addition to the move. Here we plan the relocation of our customers intensively and accompany customers abroad also intensively after the move.

Of course, all customs formalities and insurances are part of the professional transport of your relocation goods. Upon request, your Geuer relocation management will take care of all disassembly and assembly of your furnishings and building services, coordinate craftsmen’s services on site, dispose of any waste or old furniture… So: where do you want to go?

Keeping an eye on the move abroad
Moving abroad is a major undertaking that requires preparation and planning. To make this easier for our customers, we have provided a checklist for moving abroad. This is certainly not exhaustive, but it can provide some good food for thought in preparing for the new environment. You can download the checklist here:


For the old apartment:

9 – 12 months before the move

  • If necessary, apply for visa and obtain work permit
     Within Europe: apply for a residence permit
  • Apply for or renew international driver’s license
  • Attend cultural school or take a language course
  • Have important documents such as birth certificates, wedding certificates, educational qualifications, etc. notarized
  •  Organize a change of school for children
  • Check health requirements for the country of destination
  • Check identity documents for expiration dates and validity
  • Take out health insurance abroad and check other insurance coverage such as liability, accident insurance, car insurance or household insurance

4 – 6 months before

  • Cancel old rental contract in time
  • Contact specialized moving companies for moving abroad (get customs information)
  • Clean out and declutter your apartment
  • Request collection of bulky waste
  • Check if new residence still needs renovations
  • Cancellation of associations, clubs, and if necessary kindergarten, school, etc.
  • Focus on apartment search in the destination country
  • Intensively inform about necessary official procedures in the destination country
  • Possibly apply for an international student ID card
  • Inform about medical basics in the destination country. In the case of chronic illnesses, possibly have the reports translated into the language of the destination country or into English.

1 – 2 months before

  • Request relocation leave from employer
  • Re-register telephone
  • Delete standing orders for old apartment at bank / revoke direct debit authorizations
  • Set up standing orders for new apartment at bank / issue direct debit authorizations
  • Arrange banking matters: if necessary, set up an account at a bank in the destination country.
  • Check standing orders, check credit card eligibility abroad.

2 – 3 weeks before

  • Submit a forwarding request to the post office
  • Change of address (newspaper subscription, banks, insurances, GEZ, public utilities, authorities, mobile phone provider…)
  • Organize helpers if necessary
  • In case of parking problems in front of old / new apartment: apply for special permit
  • Obtain sufficient packing material
  • Get the necessary tools for dismantling and assembling the furniture (if not offered by the relocation company)

1 – 10 days before or moving week

  • Get cleaning supplies and garbage bags

  • Load moving boxes (not too heavy)

  • Label the packages with the contents and possibly room details

  • Buy drinks for the move
     Organize catering for moving day

  • Handover of new apartment (handover protocol!)

  • register/deregister your residence with the authorities

  • possibly re-register car
     Register electricity, water, gas for new apartment

    On moving day

  • Note down the electricity, gas and water levels in the old apartment and deregister.

  • Have an emergency first-aid kit at hand

  • Sweep the old apartment / renovate if necessary
     Hand over old apartment (hand over protocol!)

For the new apartment


2 – 3 months before

  • Check electrical appliances for compatibility (plugs, volts)
  • Inform about infrastructure
  • Order internet contracts and telephony
  • Hire real estate agent for new apartment
  • Inform about items to be paid (possibly garbage collection, GEZ, re-registration)
  • Take out new insurances if necessary


After the removal

  •  Re-register your vehicle and apply for a new driver’s license

  • Register with the municipality or city
     Create postal application

    You can find more helpful tips for your move in our moving guide.

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