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At home, from Gibraltar to the North Cape.

A move within Europe is no longer as complicated as it once was. Nevertheless, there are some legal provisions and peculiarities in certain countries that you need to be aware of and take into account. If you want to arrange your move abroad particularly simply and safely, it would be in you best interests to plan with Geuer. We offer everything from simple cargo to full relocation service.

Moving to Switzerland with the pros

Switzerland is a popular emigration destination for Germans. The attraction is secure jobs with high earning potential and a quality of life More

Moving to and from Austria with the pros

Our neighbour Austria is increasingly favoured by the Germans as an emigration country to live and work in. Adaptation to More

Moving with the professionals to England – London

There are many reasons to move from Germany to England. Especially London is very attractive with all its career opportunities in different professions. More

Moving to and from Norway with the pros

Norway is a family-friendly country. It proves attractive for its well-paid jobs, very high standard of living and education as More

Moving to and from Sweden - with the pros

Sweden is a popular destination for German emigrants. Often new career prospects and good earning potential justify a More

Moving to and from Holland - with the pros

Will your work soon be in Holland, or do you want to study there? Since you have no desire to be a cross-border commuter, More

Moving to and from France - with the pros

It doesn’t matter whether you are making the move to the cosmopolitan city of Paris for work reasons or you want to enjoy your retirement More

Moving with the professionals to Poland

By reason of Poland’s prosperous economy many German companies decided to move there. That is why it also gets more interesting for Germans to move More

Moving to and from Denmark - with the pros

Denmark is a popular country for emigration. The reasons for this are on the one hand the very well-paid jobs, especially More

Moving to and from Spain - with the pros

Spain is a popular country for German emigrants. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes a change of residence is work-related More

Moving to and from Turkey - with the pros

Turkey is a country where increasing numbers of German companies from different industries have settled – and the tendency is rising. More

Moving to and from Luxembourg with the pros

There are many different reasons for a personal change. A new job or a new phase of life may require a move to Luxembourg. More

Moving with the professionals to Russia

As a country of emigration, Russia gets more and more popular and that is why also many Germans decide to resettle. Often professional motives are one More

We take care of every detail.

With our comprehensive range of services, Geuer provides much more than an ordinary international furniture forwarder. Decide for yourself what is to be included in your Geuer move within Europe. From comprehensive inventory lists through safe transportation to comprehensive relocation services, we take away everything you want us to that costs you time and nerves.

Ask us for appropriate references

Residency and travel regulations, permanent residence rights, voting rights or registration formalities … So many questions, and Geuer has the answer to them all. Take advantage of all our experience in dealing with authorities and officials. We would be glad to tell you examples of people who have already made a change of residence within Europe before you.

All customs formalities and insurance naturally form part of the professional transportation of your household goods. On request, your Geuer removals management can manage all dismantling and installation of your equipment and domestic technology, coordinate contractor services on site, dispose of all waste or old furniture … So: where are you going?


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