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A new job, a new city, a new phase in life … There are all kinds of reasons for moving. No reason for you to put up with stress because of it. So just do it like many thousands of satisfied customers before you: Move with Geuer.Geuer International GmbH is a professional moving partner. From Münster and the surrounding area, we move private and business customers all over the world. The entire process of a move is carried out under the highest quality standards and with an absolute focus on customer satisfaction. You will only receive offers and cost estimates after a prior inspection of your flat, house or office. Based on this, you will receive a comprehensive offer, taking into account all relevant removal services for you. We have an extensive staff of service personnel, electricians and kitchen fitters, and we employ the right personnel for your move. In addition to removals, as a professional removals company we also offer storage space for rent to our customers. We also provide many extra services such as clearing out or kitchen installation and kitchen transport.

We offer removals at fixed prices - for more than 30 years

Your personal removal consultant will be at your side for your move. Together with you, he or she will determine all the important key data, coordinate all the steps and plan the smooth process. To do this, we record your entire inventory and create a service description of all the necessary work. Including all schedules, addresses, checklists and contact persons. If our offer meets with your approval, your move can begin.

We take care of everything!

Packing - Furniture assembly - Kitchen assembly - Lights and Pictureframe installation

With Geuer, you hire a professional company for all your household removal needs. You can put together the service you want, the way you need it. Of course, we will advise you free of charge and, if you are interested, we will prepare a clear fixed offer. 

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Whether it’s a simple, classic move, detailed special requests or very specific requirements: Benefit from all our experience and expertise. From common packing materials to unusual special packaging, we only use professional equipment for you. From trucks specially designed for furniture transport to efficient and multi-purpose moving boxes, we have the right material for you. A move is quick and economical if we have the option of attaching our external lift to your façade.

We carefully and systematically dismantle your furniture and reassemble it in the new flat according to furnishing plans. If you wish, we can organise a wide range of handicraft work for you, such as kitchen, electrical, computer and water installations, as well as disposal services, painting, wallpapering and cleaning work. We are supported by a network of competent service partners and craftsmen.

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