Removal packaging

From the XXXL moving box to the clothes box

In order to avoid damage during transport as safely as possible, there are professional packing materials for moving goods of all types and sizes. We use the whole range for you. Always as good as new and clean, always in sufficient quantity and still as environmentally conscious as possible.

For particularly sensitive, particularly heavy, particularly bulky items.

The right packing material makes it easier and safer to transport your belongings to your new home. By no means everything fits into standard boxes, by no means everything survives the transport unprotected. With sufficient bubble wrap and wool blankets, with carrying straps and transport aids, on pallets and, if necessary, shrink-wrapped, we transport your valuables gently.

Packaging serves to preserve value.

Whether furniture or expensive hi-fi equipment, instruments or antiques, porcelain or glass needs to be packed: Our teams know what matters. Nothing is more annoying than when a moving day remains unforgettable. Unforgettable because avoidable damage will remind you of it for a long time.