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Rent storage space with us means more living space for your home

Storage space from XS to XXL!
Our storage boxes are available in different sizes and different quantities. The easiest way to find out which offer suits you best is to make a short phone call to our direct contact for storage in Münster.
Self Storage is gaining more and more importance in big cities, for the extra need of space or as temporary storage for renovation works. Clean, safe, dry – these are the basic requirements for quality storage in Münster. Expand your living room or storage room with one of our warehouses. Through a direct contact to our storage masters and contact persons for storage, your storage box will be available to you even before you arrive, you will not experience annoying carrying through narrow corridors with us. In addition to self-storage, we also offer many other storage services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our sales department for free information about the feasibility of your storage.


In addition to a lock, your storage compartment is also provided with a number seal and thus remains verifiably locked. Your storage compartment can therefore only be opened by our staff in your presence or by your authorization.


Our storage compartments are temperature controlled and our warehouse is protected against rain and water from outside. Storage in special containers also provides special protection. Here, our containers are equipped with a ventilation system.


Book only as much storage space as you need. Our storage departments are flexible to your volume and you do not have to worry about vacancies. Storage space can be added or reduced at any time.

Storage space plus service: For example, delivery and pick up

Whether you want to store furniture and files or temporarily store goods and trade goods: Reserve as much space as you need. Self-storage with service works at Geuer as conveniently as a safe deposit box in XXL! You register at short notice which things you need. Then we provide you with what you need immediately – whether a complete storage container, a single load box or a specific item.

Lagerraum Münster

Adjust storage quotas: For example, save vacancy

Thanks to EDP-supported warehouse logistics and inventory, we have your current inventory in view at all times. If it makes sense, we can promptly adjust the rented space up or down to your current needs. Of course, this also applies to questions of insurance and other cost factors. During our business hours, all Geuer Selfstorage offers guarantee direct access to everything you have stored.

The storage itself is done according to volume: Either you deliver your contingent to us yourself, or we provide you with storage containers and storage boxes at your location for loading. Avoid rising rental prices and make full use of every m2! Don’t store rarely used things in your home, but rent your storage space from Geuer. We are a company that specializes in storage. For this purpose, we have built a specially designed hall for storage in the immediate vicinity of Münster and have been pursuing the business of self-storage in and around Münster since 2002.

Our customers appreciate our service around storage and our assistance with transport and packing of furniture. Size does not matter. We adapt our storage facilities to your individual needs. Take advantage of Geuer’s convenient storage service and the associated independence of locations. Geuer is located in Münster but storage due to relocations from Berlin or Hamburg can be realized flexibly by our service. Finding the right warehouse with an appealing offer is often not easy.

Let our expert staff advise you which storage option is the right one for you. With us your things can be stored in large rooms, small 10 cubic meter boxes or large overseas containers. A small box is often the most attractive self-storage option for many customers. Create space and trust Geuer’s extensive experience in handling your goods. We are a member of well-known associations in the furniture forwarding industry and can provide high-quality references in storage.

At Geuer you will immediately find the right contact for your storage needs.


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