Container storage: rent storage containers from the professionals

Storage containers - always a flexible solution

Our modern warehouse was specially designed for the service-oriented storage of household goods, office furniture or trade goods. Here, more than 5,000 m³ of capacity are available for rent for climate-independent storage of your relocation goods in high-quality storage containers.

With us your things are stored safely

We ensure that your belongings are stored clean and temperature protected. No more cellar mustiness or dampness! Storage containers are designed for long-term storage and allow for clean storage. The size of your desired storage space usually doesn’t matter. We inventory your storage space for you and keep track of everything. No matter if you want a storage area of 1 or 1000m2. With our storage containers you are absolutely flexible. Whether Münster, Munich or Miami – we serve our customers worldwide and deliver your suitable storage container directly to your home or office. All Geuer storage containers are protected against fire, burglary and water damage. Your complete belongings are stored there professionally packed and absolutely safe in storage containers of the appropriate size. If you wish, they will be sealed in your presence and thus securely locked.

Handling and service leave nothing to be desired

Container storage in Münster location we offer you short term or long term. As a rule, we pack your goods into rental containers at your site and then transfer them to our warehouse. For this purpose, storage containers are available in standard sizes for 4-5/3-4/2-3 and 1 room. If you wish access, your container will be provided immediately. This way you can conveniently access your stored goods at any time.


Storage containers are the safest storage space against storm damage or other water influences


Our storage containers are sealed and stacked anonymously in a monitored warehouse.


With storage boxes from Geuer you have the full flexibility advantage. You can have the container shipped to any address in the world or simply rent it flexibly.

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