From planning to commissioning

Umzug Forschung
Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung


Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research
Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 3, 37077 Göttingen

Removals volume

5,000 m3 to 10,460 m2

Removals goods

  •     Offices and library materials
  •     IT systems with server racks
  •     Workshops incl. large appliances
  •     Hazardous materials and chemicals
  •     Radioactive removals goods and cleanroom goods
  •     Laboratories (physics, chemistry and electrical engineering)

Logistical planning and execution of the entire move from Katlenburg-Lindau to the new building in Göttingen. Responsibility for computer cable management.

CSL Behring
Quelle: Foto: Willi Schuhmacher, Business Images

CSL Behring

CSL Behring Ltd.
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 76, 35041 Marburg

Removals volume

  •     1,008 m3 furniture
  •     70 m3 plasma samples

Full implementation of the relocation of the laboratory buildings and the support department.

Quelle: K+S AG


Zum Salzberg 4, 36414 Unterbreizbach

Removals volume

2,254 m3

Removals goods

  •     508 m3 laboratory
  •     1,533 m3 technical centre
  •     213 m3 Office inc. Chemicals / hazardous materials

Relocation management including inventory of complete removals inventory, creating a relocation database and physical implementation of the complete relocation of the K+S Research Institute from Heringen to Unterbreizbach.

Umzugsplanung Referenz
Umzugsplanung Referenz

Thales Germany

Thales Germany
Thalesplatz 1, 71254 Ditzingen

Removals volume

14,000 m3
1,800 managerial workstations, warehouse / logistics, technical areas, workshop, research, laboratory

Implementation of the move as part of the centralisation of several existing properties in the new premises after Dietzingen.
The relocation was carried out under the leadership of Geuer International Ltd. in consortium with the companies:

  •     Arnholdt & Sohn Ltd. in Stuttgart
  •     HAGmann Umzüge Ltd. from Ulm
Büroumzug Bezirksamt Münster
Quelle: Geuer International GmbH

Münster District Administration

Münster District Administration
Domplatz 1-3, 48143 Münster

Removals volume

  •     800 m3 files = 4,500 linear metres
  •     32 m3 office equipment
  •     42 m3 card cabinets

Planning and execution of transfer of office equipment and document material at the Münster District Administration in Land Consolidation Archives


Merck KGaA

Merck KGaA
Frankfurter Strasse 250, 64293 Darmstadt

Removals volume

2,640 m3

Removals goods

  •     72 laboratories with about 1,692 laboratory equipment
  •     55 offices with total
  •     80 work and laboratory places including computing devices incl. cable management

Logistical planning and execution of laboratory relocation including office workstations as part of the location centralisation in the new MRC building in Darmstadt.

LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte
Quelle: LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte

LWL State Museum

Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History
Domplatz 10, 48143 Münster

Removals volume

3,700 running meters book inventory

Removals goods

  •     Media stocks,
  •     various shelves and cabinets

Planning and implementation of return relocation of the library of the Westphalian State Museum of 3 locations to the new building within Münster.

Quelle: Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH

Clariant Products

Clariant Products (Germany) Ltd.
Industriepark Höchst, 65926 Frankfurt

Removals volume

  •     38 analysis and research laboratories
  •     14 organisational units
  •     520 work stations

Removals goods

  •     Offices and archives
  •     Laboratory contents
  •     Laboratory equipment
  •     IT equipment

Logistical planning and timely execution of the overall relocation.

Fraunhofer-Einrichtung für Marine Biotechnologie
Quelle: Fraunhofer-Einrichtung für Marine Biotechnologie


Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology EMB
Mönkhofer Weg 239a, 23562 Lübeck

Removals volume

  •     1,600 m3 total volume, thereof:
  •     755 m3 laboratory relocation incl. conversion of all laboratory furniture
  •     480 m3 warehouses
  •     365 m3 office relocation

Full planning and implementation of the move from 2 locations in the institute building.

Max Rubner-Institut
Quelle: Foto: Max Rubner-Institut
Bundesforschungsinstitut für Ernährung und Lebensmittel


Max Rubner-Institut Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food
Schützenberg 12, 32756 Detmold

Removals volume

  •     Removals goods 750 m3
  •     Disposal 1,500 m3

Planning and execution of the move as part of the relocation from Munster to Detmold. Complete removal incl. special packaging and transportation of technical equipment and machinery. Refrigerated transport and transport of hazardous goods. Disposal services and swept clean handover of the building in Münster

Solvias AG
Quelle: Solvias AG


Solvias AG
Römerpark 2, CH – 3404 emperor August

Removals volume

3,700 m3

Removals goods

  •     260 work stations including 200 laboratory workplaces
  •     IT server infrastructure
  •     Dangerous goods, refrigerated and thermally controlled transport

Implementation of laboratory relocation and office workstations to the new building in emperor August as part of the location centralisation.

Umzug Firma
Quelle: BAM Bundesamt für Materialforschung und -prüfung


BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin

Removals volume

1,161 m3

of which, work stations:

  •     Laboratories 90, (Technological laboratories, physical and chemical laboratories)
  •     Offices approx 104

Planning and implementation of laboratory and office relocation within Berlin. Transport of chilled and frozen goods without breaking the cold chain. Packing and unpacking incl. classification of about 900 pieces of dangerous goods/chemicals and creation of the necessary accompanying documents and transport lists