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Company relocations throughout Germany with Geuer

Geuer International is the best choice for relocating your company. Project management and relocation implementation come from a single source here and help our customers complete a relocation smoothly. For more than 30 years, we have been carrying out complex relocation projects for large and small companies throughout Germany with over 60 employees. Over 1,000 successfully completed projects speak for us as relocation specialists. We have specially designed trucks and vans for transporting furniture and machinery. Our staff are trained in setting up and dismantling company equipment and will carry out your move safely.


The relocation of many employees, workplaces, machines and equipment needs to be precisely planned and coordinated. We have set up our own planning department for this purpose. Save downtime and training money through perfectly coordinated processes.

Smooth execution

In addition to the exact planning of the move, smooth execution is just as important so that the customer's production processes are not impaired. We are optimally trained and equipped for the transport of extra heavy or technologically sensitive equipment.

After the move

For the needs of our customers after the move, we at Geuer have established our own facility management department. These range from the broom-clean handover of the old property to the commercial supervision and control of all trades for the new premises.

We realise your corporate relocation

Make your new location a fully-fledged asset of your company with a Geuer relocation and enjoy the benefits of a perfectly planned move or an entire relocation

With little to no downtime in production and no chaos in the important acclimatisation phase at the new location for your employees. Critical points during a relocation such as staff acclimatisation or machine breakdowns are minimised or do not usually occur thanks to our expertise in corporate relocations. Ask our experts about the right relocation package for your company. We will be happy to provide valuable tips on how to complete your move easily and safely. From the electronic registration of your removal goods, detailed conception and cost planning, a tailor-made project and sequence planning as well as all related special tasks such as assembly or checking the functionality of all equipment after transport.

We work for industrial giants or highly specialised medium-sized businesses. We realise pinpoint relocations for all industries, always within the planned time frame for resuming operations. At Geuer, we move 50 companies to their new premises every year. Our customers appreciate our many years of experience and well-trained staff as well as the quality of our service.

  1. Dismantling and rebuilding of all office furniture, machinery or other equipment
  2. Cable management and IT services
  3. Removals throughout Europe and international transports
  4. Packing and other removal-related services
  5. Professional transport equipment
  6. Modern warehouses for interim solutions

When an entire company moves, individually grown structures are transplanted. So there can hardly be an off-the-peg relocation concept. Therefore, the earlier you involve us in your objectives, the more comprehensively our experience will flow into joint planning. For a company relocation, a completely different standard applies than for the relocation of a flat. At Geuer, we specialise in the relocation of company sites and the relocation of public facilities. We have been carrying out large-scale relocations with great expertise and care for many years.

Take advantage of advice for the company relocation at an early stage.

Directly after the decision of the management level to relocate the company, the phase begins in which the relevant course is set for the optimal course of a company relocation. Here you can rely on the advice of Geuer. Geuer’s consulting department specialises in advising companies before the move. Ideally, we take care of all the important aspects of a company move before the move takes place. We will guide you from the early planning stage, where we allocate designations and spaces to the rooms, to the execution of the move and during the post-move follow-up work. The better the project management for a company relocation, the more successful the relocation by the specialist forwarder will be. With us, you will be advised for corporate relocation by experts who have many years of experience in corporate relocation and stand out as excellent freight forwarders for corporate relocation.

For your preparation, we have developed some relocation standards and summarised them in a corporate relocation checklist and made it available for you to download:


Important measures during this period include decluttering workplaces, drawing up inventory lists and a furnishing plan. In addition, the collection of bulky waste should be organised, if necessary. To make sure that no mail gets lost, it is advisable to order a forwarding order from the post office now.Now is also the time to initiate any necessary renovation measures in the new company premises.

  • Clear out the workplace
  • Organise the collection of bulky waste
  • Create inventory list
  • Create a furnishing plan
  • Authorise forwarding order with the post office
  • Refurbish new/old company premises

    The next step involves re-registering the telephone and internet so that continuous accessibility can be guaranteed and there are no delays or outages. Appointments for handing over the keys and a handover protocol must also be arranged.

  • Register the telephone
  • Agreed upon dates for handing over keys, handover protocol

    Afterwards, the change of address must be organised. In order to part on good terms or to lay the foundation for a new good neighbourly relationship, it is advisable to inform old and new neighbours about the move in advance. It is also important to check and document the condition of all premises in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Cleaning the new company premises will make it a lot easier to get used to the new working environment after the move, and it will also make the move easier.

    • Organise the change of address
    • Inform old and new neighbours about the move
    • Check and document the condition of the premises
    • Clean new company premises


    Now it's almost time, the moving date is just around the corner and moving boxes have to be delivered. Labels are used to guarantee that all boxes arrive in their intended place. Now it is also time to take care of the contracts for the supply of the new office (electricity provider, gas etc.)

    • Have moving boxes delivered
    • Allocate labels (relocation guidance system)
    • Register supplies for new offices

    On the day of the removal:

    The time has come, the moving day has arrived. On this day it is important to keep a detailed handover log and to check the new offices for any previous damage. The old offices must be cleaned and, last but not least, the handover of the keys takes place.

    • Log off the supply of the old offices
    • Transfer protocol
    • Check new offices for previous damage
    • Clean old offices
    • Transfer of keys


    Even after the actual move, there are still a few things to consider. These include changing the imprint and contact details on the company website. It is also time to collect and prepare invoices and receipts from the move for the tax advisor. After a move, a certain period of adjustment is always necessary. It is best to have a facility manager assist you here.

    • Change imprint and contact details on the company website
    • Collect and prepare invoices and receipts from the move for the tax advisor
    • Order rework from facility management


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