Office relocation

We move furniture and equipment

When moving office workstations, it’s not just a matter of transporting desks, filing cabinets and office chairs. What counts most is the quick relocation of workstations that need to be up and running again immediately. For such operations Geuer is exactly the right moving company. Because with us, transport services and the complete installation service come from a single source.

Competent planning for smooth office moves

In the run-up to your office move, we plan all the necessary steps down to the last detail. This results in an individual service package that is responsibly coordinated by your personal Geuer contact. It includes not only the dismantling and reconstruction of entire office furnishings, but also, if desired, all services to restore all functionalities. This is included in the Geuer moving service:

  • Packing of all office furniture
  • Rolling carts and trucks designed to transport office equipment.
  • IT service to carry out the wiring and transport of your IT safely and quickly
  • trained professionals for kitchen and furniture assemblies
  • assembly and disassembly of all furniture 

Everything is documented in the relocation manual

Plan the move well from the beginning

It all starts with recording the amount and type of goods to be moved. For this purpose, our relocation expert for office moves will visit your premises on site. Based on this, you will receive an offer according to your individual ideas and requirements. You decide which services are included in the offer. And conveniently select what you need from our modular service portfolio. Of course, we will be happy to advise you comprehensively on what is actually necessary for your move and what is not. Should you decide to use Geuer, the planning and coordination of all trades for your move will be carried out by our move management experts. This includes destination analysis of each item to be moved. All items to be moved will be given their own guide so that it is clear at all times which item belongs where.

Our quality lies in our personnel

The moving day comes and our movers carry out the move. Our staff is well trained in handling furniture and transport tools. Often extensive EDP systems are part of the interior of offices. Geuer only uses specialized personnel for this purpose as well. We take over your workstations just as you left them and set them up again in the same way in the new premises. This also includes the cabling of telecommunication systems as well as the transport of complex server systems. An office often has its own culture and structures. Geuer is happy to adapt to this and help you to rebuild your company at the new location authentically or according to the wishes of our customers. In the process, we also provide advice on what can be done better. Our experts in furniture and assembly will be happy to set everything up for you so that it feels as good or even better than at your old location.




Transporting valuable objects securely

From Geuer there is no move without sufficiently planned logistics. Everything meshes together. Packing, transport and all set-up work is taken care of by our experts. You will be surprised how nice it is when after the move you only have to press the start button of your computer to be ready for use again. By the way, the size and scope of your premises do not matter to us. Our references certainly reflect a comparable office move. From a single office or to an office complex for well-known global players, we count among our satisfied customers.

Experience from hundreds of relocation projects benefits you

The entire office inventory is systematically and EDP-based recorded, loaded and transported. Thus, targeted access is possible at any time, even during the move. With the experience of hundreds of office moves, your infrastructures will be installed by us at the new location quickly, cleanly and reliably. Only professional cardboard boxes, roll containers, security boxes and new, environmentally friendly packaging material are used. Of course, your Geuer team always has the right special tools for your office furniture systems.

Specialists carry out your office move

A moving company, which moves the furniture from the old premises to the new ones on the day of the move, has to know exactly during the move to which location which employee has to be transported and which furniture has to be placed and how. At Geuer, these components are summarized in a detailed relocation database and, together with the relocation schedule, provide an accurate picture of the move. A checklist is certainly a good way to get an overview of individual work steps, but it cannot faithfully reflect the complex procedures involved in moving office space. At the latest when moving complex equipment such as photocopiers or printers, a simple checklist reaches its limits and experts for moving office supplies are required.

The cost of a move is certainly cheaper than buying new office furniture and equipment. Therefore, relying on a good mover who will transport them safely will save you money. Leaving the premises in the condition agreed in the rental contract is also part of Geuer’s service package and makes your work easier. For the planning of the appointments we advise our customers always to take into account enough time for planning and preparation. As a rule, the moving date should be no earlier than four to six months after the decision to move has been made.




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Everything gets rolling during an office move

Don’t underestimate the effect a move can have on your employees and help them feel right at home at their new address. Geuer is happy to help. A confused orientation period due to a poorly executed office move can block employees in the workflow for days and may cost more than a good moving company.

Moving a business consists largely of moving office space. Moving with the office as part of an office move or corporate relocation requires separate claims. The furniture to be moved may be of exclusive design consisting of delicate elements that need to be specially packed and secured for transportation. In addition, behind the move in an office are people who should continue their work after the move as unrestricted as possible. To achieve this, detailed planning of the move is essential.

Specialized for business customers

For our commercial customers, we often take on facility management tasks following the move and continue to support our customers for many months after the move. Incidentally, Geuer has been active as a relocation company for office moves for many years. As early as the nineties, we specialized in office relocation. Still owner-managed today, Geuer International GmbH carries out high-quality office moves throughout Europe. Perhaps you would like to use your move to streamline your file inventory? Talk to us about your individual options for professionally archiving, managing or disposing of documents and media.



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