We send all your wishes on their way.

Full service is not a foreign word at Geuer. For your private move we are happy to take care of every detail and offer you a fair deal. Benefit from the worldwide Geuer experience of thousands removals, great and small.

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Infrastructural building services from a single source.

Geuer accepts all facility management tasks for your properties, reliably and professionally. Here our long-standing, extensive experience in building services and the resettlement of large companies is to your advantage.

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Project management

We plan, coordinate and save for you.

Whether you are moving to a new building with your company or remaining faithful to your premises and restructuring within: the logical, efficient coordination of all steps and tasks will take up the vast majority of time and resources. With Geuer as a general contractor, you benefit from the great experience moving large projects of almost all types.

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Your removals firm from Münster for regional and international removals.

Your professional removals firm in the Münster area.

Whether you are moving with your household within Münsterland as a family or as an individual, the established regional roots of the Geuer removals firm are your advantage. Geuer specialises in residential and commercial relocations all sizes, and many of the Geuer Service Partners also come from the area around Münster. These include reliable tradesmen such as painters or electricians, who Geuer can involve in your relocation at short notice.

Relocation planning pays off for you.

Save yourself time, energy and ultimately money, since a Geuer move is carried off in a well-planned, transparently calculated manner. You can decide which jobs to let our relocation specialists supervise and which ones you prefer to do for yourself. The Geuer deals range from professionally packing and unpacking your household to complete home clearance and de-cluttering.

Partner for private and corporate relocations.

Whether you wish to relocate a single household or a large company: call your Geuer contact and tell us your plans. For private moves within the region of Münster, we can give a removals date at short notice, usually two weeks after receipt of order. For large commercial relocations, you will immediately be able to speak to someone at Geuer who can provide you with initial firm data parameters for any kind of relocation project.