Relocation: We bring all your wishes on the way

Full service is not a foreign word at Geuer. For your private move, we will gladly take care of every detail and make you a fair offer. Benefit from Geuer’s experience from thousands of small and large moves worldwide. We will advise you in detail about every necessary step and coordinate all required services for it. If necessary and on request, we also include customs and shipping when you leave the region of Münster, Germany or Europe.

First, detailed advice is given about your move

In preparation for your move, we will hold a personal consultation. Together we will determine the scope and all services for your move. This includes modern furniture trucks in the appropriate size, professional moving boxes and clean packing materials in mint condition. From wool blankets to tissue paper to protect your valuables, your Geuer team will have everything in sufficient quantity.

Your move begins punctually and reliably

Customer satisfaction is Geuer’s top priority. We do not differentiate between small and large moves or important and less important appointments. Once your planning and your order are in place, we feed your agreed services into our logistics. From then on your move is a set size. From the punctual start to the completion of all agreed services.

Safety guarantee: For everything that is dear and precious

Wenn wir Ihre Möbel und Ihre Einrichtung transportieren, gehen wir mit äußerster Sorgfalt vor. Schließlich haben viele Gegenstände neben dem materiellen auch einen hohen ideellen Wert für den Besitzer.