We send all your wishes on their way.

Full service is not a foreign word at Geuer. For your private move we are happy to take care of every detail and offer you a fair deal. Benefit from the worldwide Geuer experience of thousands removals, great and small. We advise you in detail about every necessary step and coordinate all the services required. According to your needs, that includes customs and shipping on request, if you are moving from the regions of Münster, Germany or Europe.

First of all, detailed personal advice.

To prepare for your move we conduct a personal consultation. Together we define the scope and all the services for your relocation. These include modern furniture vehicles of the right size, professional packing boxes and as good as new, clean packaging materials. From blankets to the tissue paper to protect your valuables, your Geuer team has enough supplies of everything.

Punctual and reliable from the start.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for Geuer. We make no difference between small and large removals or major and minor events. If your planning and your order are ready, we will feed your agreed services into our logistics. From then on your move is a sure thing. From a punctual start to the completion of all agreed services.

This includes the complete unpacking of your household goods as well as the disposal of all packaging and transport materials that are no longer needed. When your Geuer relocation team leaves, nothing is left behind: just your clean, new home.

Safety guarantee: for everything that is near and dear

We take the utmost care when transporting your furniture and fittings. After all, many objects as well as having a high material value also have a high sentimental value for their owner.