Plant relocation

We even relocate entire industrial parks.

The entire Geuer range of services comes into play when relocating plants, factories or industrial facilities. Our customers value us as specialists for competent machine transport and industrial assembly.

Experience and competence right from the start.

You can rely on absolutely binding time management right from the joint planning phase. This begins with the collection and archiving of documents and equipment and does not end with the assembly of your machinery. Depending on your planning for the new location, parts of your equipment can also be temporarily stored or transported with a time delay. When a company or a larger institution changes its location, many factors that need to be combined come together. This Herculean task must be planned perfectly and the right professionals must be trusted with the project management. As a forwarding agent for the relocation of machines and complete plants, you are commissioning Geuer as exactly the right partner for your project. Our logistics and your production are precisely coordinated through a finely woven network in project management so that the relocation has a minimal impact on your work steps. When relocating machines, we not only pay attention to the greatest safety of all parts involved, but also to the greatest efficiency for our customers in order to keep costs as low as possible. Precise coordination and coordination of the tasks of all employees and suppliers has been part of our service for many years.




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Clariant Products

Machine relocation and transport of any size.

We organise your heavy transport professionally and safely. Immediately after arrival, each transport can be dovetailed with the prompt reconstruction of the machinery and plant facilities. Specialists from the large Geuer partner network are available for this purpose. Fitters, forwarders, project planners and managers as well as the right industrial service providers are involved right from the initial phase of your plant relocation. This means that even in very complex processes, forward planning can be carried out at any time and every step can be reliably realised. For this purpose, we at Geuer use the most modern machine tools and complex devices to carry out your machine relocation as smoothly as possible.