File storage / File archiving

From archiving to delivery, everything is included

Vast amounts of your business documents and data are rarely or never needed in day-to-day business, but must be stored for legal reasons. For such inventories, external file archiving is always worth considering. Geuer offers you sufficient space for this as well as optional service packages that continue to optimally integrate your outsourced documents into your workflow.

Define your individual Geuer service.

We take over your files – or those of your customers – on your premises and transfer them to secure, watertight special containers for storage. Beforehand, we record and inventory your stock in EDP-supported storage directories. There, quick access is possible for you at any time. If necessary, even daily. Simply request your documents from us. Then we will deliver them within the shortest possible time and return them to the archive later. After your storage periods have expired, we will also take care of their safe disposal, if you wish.

We comply with the regulations for all media.

The storage and management of your data files is carried out according to all guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Act BDSG. They apply not only to files and documents in paper form, but also to all electronic storage media. In combination with our digital inventory, this results in a particularly large number of interfaces for fast communication and efficient exchange between Geuer and you. You determine your storage requirements yourself. No matter whether you want a 500m2 archive room with thousands of meters of running files or just a few square meters with a few meters of files packed and stored. Best of all, we supply the service personnel for the storage at the same time! File storage from Geuer simply means an extension of your space. Because your files still remain accessible for you just-in-time.


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