Relocation guide

A few tips and tricks at a glance

With the right preparation and the right moving partner, your move will go great. If you want, Geuer will take care of everything. If you want to prepare your move on your own, we have a few tips for you.

Tidy up and save money.

An upcoming move is a great time to go through your basement, attic or closets. Part with the things you no longer need and take them to the recycling center. Items in good condition are also accepted by social service agencies in many cities. Every box less reduces moving costs.

Coordinate appointments well in advance.

Every painter, every craftsman and also we can only carry out as many jobs as qualified and trained professionals are available. The earlier you book, the more certain your desired date can be met.

Pre-pack very personal items.

Some things you should pack up yourself before the move. Personal documents such as ID cards, passports, etc., credit cards, EC cards, checks, etc., please pack them in a bag, briefcase or similar and take them yourself. Valuables such as coin collections, stamps or cash are also always taken by the customer himself.

Sensible for sure.

Please also remember things like the transport lock for your washing machine. If this is no longer available, please inform the moving staff. Our staff will then secure the drum as best they can elsewhere for transport.

A layout plan for your new home.

Think ahead of time about how your new home will be decorated and where the various pieces of furniture will be placed. Make a furniture plan for each room in your new home. This will eliminate the need for many queries during unloading and allow our staff to work quickly.

We will be happy to advise you and prepare layout plans and floor plans of your new living quarters.

Tips for disassembly and assembly

We offer you our professional assembly service for the disassembly and assembly of your complete furnishings. If you want to do this work yourself, please pay attention to a few basic things.

Dismantling, hanging, mounting.

By the time of loading, all lamps, curtain rods, pictures, mirrors and wall decorations should be removed and packed or prepared for transport.

In your new home, check the condition and construction of the walls and ceilings. Especially in old buildings or, for example, plasterboard walls, special anchors may be necessary for mounting wall shelves, ceiling or wall lamps.

Furniture dismantling and assembly

When dismantling and assembling household furniture, please pay attention to some basic things. Memorize the piece of furniture well before dismantling. A small sketch or even a photo can be very helpful during assembly. When disassembling the closets, label each closet part in the order of disassembly.

Even though center panels and doors often look the same, they should still be assembled in the identical order. This will save you a lot of time looking for the right parts later during assembly.

Ensure stability.

Very few floors are one hundred percent level. When assembling cabinets, add-on walls, etc., you should always have some shim material on hand to compensate for slight unevenness.

Some pieces of furniture, such as wall-mounted folding beds, narrow shelves and basically all furniture in children’s rooms, should also be secured to the wall with angle iron to prevent them from tipping over.

Book tradesmen in good time.

For some work around the move, the use of a skilled craftsman is really recommended. This can be painting, installation work, television technology and much more.

For these works a suitable company should be found in time and an appointment should be made. For many of these services we cooperate with appropriate companies and can provide you with a reliable professional.