Machine transport

Specialised in planning, transport and assembly.

Machine transports of all types and sizes are not only required for almost every company relocation. Whether it’s a new machine delivery or a relocation – Geuer takes on special transports of machines as part of relocations or as individual transports. We have various transport vehicles of our own for oversized, bulky and heavy equipment. Benefit from the experience of our well-trained drivers and teams, who will transport your machines reliably and quickly.


Fast loading and unloading, safe transport.

From pre-assembled large machine parts to complete machine parks, we transport any heavy load from A to B. With a fleet of special transporters, mobile lifting technology and a team of specialists, we solve transport tasks professionally and with minimum set-up times. Depending on the requirements, we realise the transport completely under tarpaulin or freely on trailers. All maximum excess widths are possible, all legal regulations and formalities are fulfilled by Geuer for you. Trucks with lifting platforms, drive-on ramps and mobile lifting equipment and forklifts enable our teams on site to operate flexibly and professionally.

Geuer offers complete service packages.

When we take over your order, we are responsible for fulfilling all regulations and you no longer have to worry about anything. Geuer organises all applications and clearances and works out an optimal transport route. If necessary, we also take care of the prescribed escort vehicles for your machine transport. With Geuer, you engage an experienced and competent company for your machine relocation. Regardless of whether you are the manufacturer or the user of the machines.

Well networked worldwide.

We are happy to take over your reliable transport or export. We take care of the entire project planning, from technical dismantling to commercial customs clearance. As a general contractor, we take responsibility for everything. Machine relocations and the transport of technological equipment have long been a speciality of Geuer International GmbH. We can look back on more than 30 years of experience in machine and heavy transport. Formerly founded as a removal company, Geuer quickly developed into a specialist service provider for machine relocation. Our customers include industrial companies as well as small mechanical engineering firms.

One company for the entire relocation

Our experience is your greatest asset in critical logistics.

At Geuer, the relocation of every machine is only carried out by well-trained personnel. Thus, we always deliver the best solution for all problems in the critical logistics of a machine transport. First of all, a team of industrial mechanics takes care of the industrial assembly. We are often in close contact with in-house personnel and manufacturers. We then relocate the machines and make sure that everything gets rolling. If desired, we provide intensive support during the commissioning of all equipment and machines. There are basically no limits to the transport of machines. We are happy to take over the transport abroad by land, air freight or shipping. For overland transport, we have a well-equipped fleet of special transporters at our disposal. Depending on the size and distance, we take over the entire route planning and ensure that no critical points are overlooked. For air freight, we are happy to take care of the special packaging and transport of the machines and equipment to the airport. At the airport, our customs agent will assist you with the clearance of all goods and you can concentrate fully on satisfying your customers. At the port of destination, we are also happy to organise the seamless onward transport as well as the professional import. Geuer is ideally equipped for overseas transport. For many years we have been working with overseas containers on a daily basis and ship goods all over the world. Professional packaging, temperature control and compliance with international standards are the top priorities for smooth and safe transport across international waters. By the way, weight and size do not matter to us! No matter if 100 kg or 100 tons.


As a freight forwarder with an extensive fleet and special vehicles, we at Geuer move the really big equipment and machines. If your company or a public institution is relocating and the goods to be transported consist of machinery or complex equipment, then you will find the right partner in us. Vehicles for transporting heavy goods or forklift trucks for lifting production machines are always used by us according to the most precise planning. We see ourselves as a full service provider and we can also take over machines in stock permanently or as an interim solution.

In consultation with the manufacturer or in cooperation with industrial fitters, we accompany the entire process of dismantling and reinstalling your machines. Technicians or special assemblers for industrial assembly are selected by us and controlled under our project management for machine transports.

For special transports in the case of oversized machinery or the blocking off of sections and the use of a heavy-duty crane, we will be happy to inform you about possible models and take over the entire project management on site.

Machinery exports are also one of our specialities. The shipment or removal of machines and equipment by air or land is part of our service. Prior packaging and load securing are obligatory for every Geuer service. For export to non-EU countries, we are happy to advise you as customs agents on all matters relating to the import of goods.

Give us a call and we will put you in touch with the right contact person for your machine transport.


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