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As a specialist for removals and transports beyond the ordinary, Geuer is a firm international player. With many years of specialized knowledge and insights gained from many spectacular relocation projects, we look forward to every new challenge. What can we do for you? No matter what you have in mind: We develop an individual implementation with hand and foot for you.

From delicate art to XXL heavy load

The requirements for a special move depend, of course, in particular on the type of goods to be moved. Particularly heavy, particularly valuable, particularly sensitive, particularly much… even “particularly fast” can be the criterion that tips the scales in your decision for Geuer. Because for extraordinary projects of any kind, we can combine our well-established operational structures and the special strengths of network partners to create quite extraordinary solutions.

Don’t hide your treasures. We treat every special transport individually. Therefore, it must be clear in advance exactly where, when and how which goods are to be moved. Of course, we react flexibly if the safe suddenly turns up in the basement during a move, but as a rule, transport logistics run more smoothly if our specialists have been able to draw up a transport plan in advance.

At Geuer, we consider special transport to be anything that cannot be transported during a move without prior assembly or special packaging. During a move, these are often objects with oversized dimensions or particularly heavy goods. We also often transport highly technological equipment that cannot be moved without preparation.

At Geuer, we rely on well-trained personnel, secure packaging and state-of-the-art transport tools for every transport.

We take over the entire move

Heavy transports - Special transports - IT moving - Furniture assembly - Workplace moving

We are a company for the entire transportation of your move. We transport simple furniture as well as special machines. We have the right personnel and carry out transports with trained professionals. Not only at ground level but with all the services that go with it. We are the all-round company for your logistic processes.

Safety and reliability guaranteed

Even though your special move with us may be in uncharted territory, we do not compromise on Geuer’s quality standards. The professional planning, coordination, execution and management of your project is guaranteed down to the last detail. Our courage for innovative performance consistently excludes incalculable risks. Because we also tackle your special move only after everything has been clarified: The right equipment for the type of operation. The security for the values to be transported. The unconditional commitment of all timings and agreements. No matter whether high-tech industrial plants, machines or individual devices. The Geuer fleet has the right vehicles for all transport projects. From forklift trucks to armored rollers. When it comes to transporting sensitive or particularly complex goods, Geuer can look back on many years of experience as an experienced company for specialized logistics and machinery transport. We are also happy to advise you specifically on the export of machinery via air freight or overland. We employ the right customs agents and take intensive care of the safe transport of your goods. We transport the very special and also the very large. See here our page for company relocations.








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