Corporate relocation

Any relocation requires foresight

If there are good reasons for a corporate relocation, the execution should also be solid. You can rely on the experience and competence of Geuer. We not only plan all individual factors for your company relocation, we also proactively suggest aspects for optimization at the new location.




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Complete relocation management from a single source

Experience from hundreds of projects

You can rely on our planning for your corporate relocation to be done with the experience gained from many successful projects. We start with the inventory of all your assets and then plan the next steps point by point. Corporate relocations have been a core competency of Geuer International GmbH since the early 2000s. From a small business for private household moves, Geuer quickly evolved into a nationwide player for corporate moves. The staff grew quickly, as did the experience and the list of references of the moving company, which is now nearly 100 strong. At Geuer it does not stop at the simple transport of moving materials, because early on we developed into a holistic moving consultant for corporate relocations.

Planned Company relocations from A-Z

Hundreds of companies have relied on Geuer’s planning skills to date. It quickly becomes apparent that the relocation of entire office complexes, workshops or research facilities cannot be completed without intensive planning and concept design. Geuer’s logistical processes can be perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers, resulting in a workflow that has as little impact as possible on the operational process. With Geuer as your general contractor, no move will ever go over your head: the overall view, logistics and responsibility of your project are completely in one hand. For your corporate relocation, our logistics are perfectly adjusted to all special transports of equipment and machinery as well as all file transports. We use the latest technology for our haulage equipment and ensure that everything rolls safely.

We make virtually everything work

The range of Geuer’s own relocation services and external services of the Geuer network covers almost all tasks. We create detailed checklists for every phase of your project – with binding responsibilities and timings. We coordinate our own craftsmen and integrate external partners into our workflow. And we work computer-based with the latest generations of hardware and software. So your Geuer contact is always up to date on every detail of your move. Business equipment is expensive and should be handled with the utmost care. For this reason, Geuer only uses specialists for handling furniture and IT equipment. Here, too, we have evolved. The technical requirements of modern workplaces, especially in production facilities, demand great technical know-how and precise work so that everything can continue as usual after the move. To this end, we at Geuer have set up our own IT department to take care of all IT-related issues at the workstations. This means wiring all computers or checking the functionality of machines and equipment before and after the move.


Everything has to be taken into account, employees and machines get moving

A move always means getting used to things and, for many employees, a new start in a new working day. Support your staff with a full-service relocation from Geuer to get used to the new environment as quickly as possible. An orientation phase at the move-in location can be significantly shortened by a well-planned move. This will save you time and money as any production downtime will be close to zero. In addition to the variable personnel, it is also important to create an exact plan for all relocation goods. Our employees will gladly help you with this and determine before the move where which removal material is to be placed. This is done computer-aided and is reflected by room numbers and parking spaces at each destination in the new building or at the new relocation site. You may not only have office workstations that are part of your removal goods, but also complex machinery and equipment. In this case, you can trust our specialists in transporting machinery and equipment. We have sufficient experience in the relocation and heavy transport of machines of all kinds. With Geuer as your general contractor for your extensive relocation project, you can rely on a company that will advise you on all matters before and after the move. Our moving service is designed to ensure that you arrive smoothly. Size and scope do not matter.

Factory relocation made simple

If you’re moving your household or business, Geuer Moving Company’s firm regional roots pay off for you. Geuer specializes in residential and commercial moves of all sizes. At Geuer, all moving services are modular. This means you can get a full-service package for your move if you wish, or just the exact moving services you need.

Modern processes for modern companies

  • Certified moving company
  • Experience from hundreds of corporate moves
  • Owner managed project management
  • Trained professionals for moving services

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