Heavy transport

We move the really heavy lumps.

If you are planning a heavy transport, it is best to get us on board as early as possible. Even during the first consultation, you will find out that we have certainly already carried out comparable projects. Geuer takes on heavy transports of all kinds and provides the complete service to go with it.

From bridge sections to wind turbines.

Oversized machine parts, bridge girders, rotors for wind turbines and so on: If there is a demanding transport task for heavy loads, Geuer is exactly the right partner for it. We realise such transports within Germany and worldwide and are used to breaking new organisational ground.

Competence for all formalities and regulations.

Geuer explores the most suitable route for your heavy transport and presents you and the authorities involved with a detailed feasibility study. Geuer takes care of all the necessary formalities as the sole responsible project partner. We take care of TÜV certificates, driving permits, police escort, professional escort vehicles and drivers. We are up-to-date on all construction site situations on your route and organise all no-stopping zones required for your transport. We compile all documents for you, as proof and as documentation for your records. As a forwarding agent for the transport of machinery and equipment, Geuer has proven to be a reliable partner for industry and the manufacturing sector for many years. We organise our fleet in such a way that it can be adapted to your specific needs. From low-loaders to special trailers to crane vehicles, we do not overlook any detail after more than 30 years of experience. All our vehicles, as well as our personnel, have the necessary standards and are ideally suited for transporting oversized machinery and equipment. Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Safety and care play an essential role in this. With Geuer you have a partner company at your side which fulfils all certificates and safety requirements. The complex transport of often several hundred tons requires careful planning and projecting in advance. This is where Geuer’s entire range of services comes into play. As project planners for large-scale removals and heavy transports, our staff always keep a firm grip on all the threads for you and plan your relocation from A-Z through. It doesn’t matter to us whether a transport is to be planned overland by lorry or an export of heavy machinery and equipment is to take place abroad. Our competences range from transport by air freight to the extensive shipping of goods by sea. For the transport abroad, we have foreign experts at your disposal who know exactly about all the regulations and work of a customs agent.