Project management relocation

We plan, coordinate and save money for you

Whether you are moving into a new building with your company or restructuring within your property in line with the location: The sensible, efficient coordination of all steps and trades will take up the majority of time and resources in the process. With Geuer as your general contractor, you benefit from our extensive experience with large-scale relocation projects of almost any kind.

Geuer International Umzüge Projektmanagement

Efficiency always needs an individual concept.

The goal of any move should be to keep business interruption to a minimum. We achieve this for you by detailed project and sequence planning and by shifting relocation activities to favorable time windows such as evening and night hours and the weekend. A move of large buildings or institutes sometimes means the relocation of many hundreds of cubic meters of moving goods and is an incalculable risk without efficient relocation planning. Downtime, dissatisfied employees or a very slow start-up time can be prevented by goal-oriented relocation consulting from Geuer. Geuer’s wealth of experience as a relocation planner and relocation consultant is the very decisive advantage for your relocation project. Our planning includes relocations of entire industrial parks or office complexes with several thousand workstations and production facilities.

These individual plans are summarized in the so-called relocation management. In particular, it includes all consulting services that prepare the physical move. This includes the entire logistical planning, project planning, support, implementation and monitoring of the move. These tasks are documented in your individual relocation manual.

The preparation of an EDP-based relocation concept follows. This concept includes the creation of the relocation database (inventory), the preparation of CAD furniture plans as well as the commissioning and coordination of the move including the dismantling and reinstallation of technical equipment and furniture. Of course, your Geuer project management concludes with professional post-move processing, invoice verification and handover.