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We plan, coordinate and save for you.

Whether you are moving to a new building with your company or remaining faithful to your premises and restructuring within: the logical, efficient coordination of all steps and tasks will take up the vast majority of time and resources. With Geuer as a general contractor, you benefit from the great experience moving large projects of almost all types.

Logistics planning.

With perfect planning, we take you directly to your goal.

To plan and carry out complex relocation and handling projects, Geuer develops appropriate made-to-measure logistics. This service begins […]

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CAD planning.

Ideal for integrated project management.

CAD planning is not only an essential part of your relocation consulting. This tool is ideal for central relocation management and visualisation of the […]

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Efficiency always requires a personalised approach.

It should be the aim of any move to keep operating loss as low as possible. We achieve this for you through a detailed project and process planning and the rescheduling of removals operations to favourable time windows such as evenings, night hours and weekends.

These individual plans are summarised in a relocation management planning. This includes in particular all consulting services to prepare the physical relocation. Among these are the entire logistics planning, project management, supervision, implementation and monitoring of the move. These tasks are documented in your personal relocation manual.

The development of a computer-based relocation plan follows. In this plan, the relocation database (inventory) is established, CAD furnishing plans created as well as the commissioning and coordination of the move, including removal and reinstallation of the technical equipment and furniture. Of course, your Geuer project management closes with a professional removals follow-up, auditing and claims control.