Relocation management

Project management for the entire removal

Clever integrated relocation management ensures that your company’s productivity losses are kept to a minimum during a move. Because anyone who understands relocation costs to mean only the price of freight forwarding and disassembly and assembly is thinking too briefly. In most cases, avoidable disruptions to company processes are far more important.

Our portfolio of offers for your relocation project at a glance

  • Project planning and recording of the relocation project
  • Creation of work breakdown structure
  • Space planning – existing buildings & new buildings
  • Transportation master plan
    Staff coordination
  • Subcontractor Management

Perfectly coordinate moves

Everything then comes together in relocation management. The move management is the active supervision of your move on site. No move or instruction goes past the move manager. The scheduling of the team and the adherence to the moving schedule are under the care of the move manager. During the move, the move manager coordinates all steps of the move and completes each phase of the move. Often there are departments or machines in the company that have priority and need to be set up at the move-in location especially quickly.

The way to a successful move

In our department for relocation consulting we advise you intensively before the relocation about the important measures which are necessary for the relocation of an entire company or of single plants. Our consulting includes the holistic recording of your project and gives you in key figures the scope of your project. From these key figures we derive an individually created relocation plan for you. If desired, we will go deeper into the planning and take care of monitoring, which will enable you to compare the move with the target/actual status at any time. We also plan every trade that will be necessary during your move. This means that we compare the existing premises with the new ones and create a room master plan. With CAD drawings or similar programs, we create a space plan, which precisely identifies grievances and allows for quick action before the move. In addition, each item to be moved can be assigned an exact location beforehand.


Planning of all steps for a safe relocation of the site

In relocation consulting, we create a relocation management plan that allows your move to be mapped according to economic standards. For our customers, downtimes, which we instinctively try to keep to a minimum, as well as the greatest possible security of the often sensitive relocation goods often count. These aspects are obligatorily considered for a move planned by Geuer. Geuer does not only offer planning for moves. We also carry them out ourselves. Here, the planning of the move management department is implemented by our specialized move department (machinery, laboratory, office furniture, art and IT moves). The specialist departments are responsible for the exact execution of the created work breakdown structure planning. With our planning, you as the customer have the opportunity to closely monitor the relocation process in the process.

The bottom line is that the perfect concept counts

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Advice from real professionals

The relocation manager as your contact person during the relocation phase, is in close contact with your employees and represents the interface between relocation planning and relocation process. As a rule, the relocation manager installs himself permanently in your company for a short period of time during the relocation phase and serves as a basis for controlling the relocation. Geuer’s relocation manager has an overview of all areas affected by the move and always monitors the move in close consultation with the planning prepared by the relocation consultant. The move management takes over the supervision of the planning of these priorities made in the move consulting. If, contrary to expectations, there are problems in the schedule of the move, the move management will specifically remedy them with a solution to logistics and transportation problems.

Relocation manuals represent the beginning of the project

In doing so, Geuer likes to insert itself into the decision-making process about the move as early as possible. Growth and modernization are often the reasons for a move to a better location. Immediately following come the big questions, where Geuer, as an experienced relocation planner, is happy to assist you. In order to carry out a move perfectly and bound to a tight schedule, intensive relocation consulting and relocation planning is required in advance. For this purpose, we at Geuer have developed our own consulting department. It deals intensively with the planning and coordination of your move. This includes all points that are necessary for the planning of the move. From the recording of your move volume to the ordering of transport vehicles.




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For your relocation, we at Geuer create a customized relocation concept. In order for you to relocate smoothly with your company, the logistics must take into account your production processes and respond precisely to the needs of your operations.


The move should only be carried out by absolute professionals. A damaged machine, defective office furniture or a production stop due to the failure of the forwarder lead to higher costs than the move itself. We at Geuer will be happy to advise you on which mover you should trust.


When a move can be accomplished without downtime and damage to office equipment, the benefits of the new location stand out all the more. Congratulations you have successfully relocated and are well positioned for the future.

30 years of experience in move management

As an established specialist for large-scale moves of any kind, Geuer offers you concrete advantages right from the start. Optimal planning in detail, efficient coordination of all processes, consistently organized execution: This is how individual plus points add up to a reliably calculable relocation project. We relocate your entire site within Germany, Europe or worldwide. We can offer you any additional service you may require for your relocation. Comprehensive relocation of involved employees, necessary storage of furniture or technology, external administration of archives or data stocks. Once your budget is set, we will work out every detail for you. Planning and execution of all measures is documented in the Geuer relocation manual for your project. With this binding guide for all parties involved, it is guaranteed at all times that silly coincidences will not play a role in your move.

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Avoid chaos when moving

Detailed relocation planning is worthwhile in any case. This applies to the relocation of an apartment as well as to the relocation of a business or public institution. For larger moves, a checklist is helpful, but it cannot cover all facets of a relocation. For private moves, however, a moving checklist is a helpful tool to avoid losing track of everything on moving day. For more complicated moves with special assemblies or a high volume of furniture, however, a well-designed move plan is indispensable. Without it, you quickly run the risk of turning a move into a paralysis of your entire operations. If you use a good moving company for the move, you are already doing a lot right. If this company has precise plans and effective control by an experienced project manager in moving, your moving project will succeed.

Save costs through precise preparatory work

Where the move of a private household often depends on many movers, boxes and crates as well as a good moving service, for the move of larger institutes the exact move coordination is the measure of all things. Professional moving planning for your business or institution also reaches deeper than simply ordering moving boxes and packing materials. It may include the drawing and layout of your furniture or workshops in the new property or the relocation planning of your employees to a new central location. 

With us you keep track of your relocation project

In addition to the depth of planning, the planning horizon is also a far greater one. Starting a few weeks before the move would be fatal and can sometimes drive up moving costs. If additional costs for the rental contract and other moving costs are added to the actual main move, a planning period of several months is always more cost-effective than short-term planning. Similar to a change of apartment, a change of company headquarters also requires quite a few helpers for the transport of furniture and the reassembly of equipment. So that there are no surprises for the next tenant, a mature move planning also addresses the facility management and takes care of a handover-ready situation in all rooms.