Art transportation - forwarding agency for art objects

Your values are in safe hands

Art transports are the supreme discipline among transport services. When valuable art or antiques are transported, irreplaceable values are often at stake. We are happy to include storage, warehousing and interim storage of your valuables in our service. For this purpose, we have our own fully air-conditioned storage facilities and archives in our warehouses.

Kunstobjekt Transport

We take every object seriously

At Geuer, your assets are in the hands of true professionals. We have seen ourselves as an art forwarding company for many years. Here we have a lot of experience in the transport of sensitive goods from the world of art. A simple forwarding agency is not up to the challenges of art transport. This requires very special art logistics. We at Geuer have firmly installed these in our processes and the procedures of our customer.

In our forwarding agency for art, we manufacture precisely fitting transport packaging for objects, pictures or sculptures of any shape and size. Air-conditioned and specially sprung vehicles are available for transport.

Art knows no boundaries. Like us.

Planning and consulting around your art move is done by specially trained experts with us. The experts for art transports are specially trained and constantly up to date with their knowledge. Of course also for the big international stage! Customs clearance, official permits – we get everything underway for you. In liability matters, Geuer has been working with internationally established insurance brokers for many years. By the way, this results in special conditions from which you, as the client, naturally benefit.

Our customers come from everywhere.

By the way, for your art transport it does not matter if you are inquiring for a gallery or if you want to transport your own art object. The transport and storage of exhibits and art objects requires special care. The experts at Geuer have years of experience in transporting highly sensitive art treasures and will incorporate all their experience into your art transport. Our customers include museums, libraries and archives as well as galleries and private art lovers. The shipment of artworks by airfreight all over the world is no problem for the transport specialists of Geuer. With Geuer you will find a company that specializes in the transport of sculptures, modern art installations and many other art objects. Each work of art receives its own special handling and is always handled in close cooperation with restorers and other art transport specialists.

Every move must be planned.

Good planning precedes every transport. To this end, Geuer will give you a personal appointment with our specialists for the transport of your works of art. They will work closely on the planning of all steps and analyze your needs always taking into account the highest possible security of the art objects to be transported. Geuer looks back on more than 30 years of experience in the transport business and specialized early on in the transport of sensitive works of art. Therefore, you are sure to find high-quality transports similar to your art project in our references.

Minimize risks during transport.

One of the most sensitive subtypes of special removals is the transport of art objects. In this case, our clients trust in the long experience and great expertise of our specialists. Precisely coordinated logistics and the right type of packaging are just two components that need to be considered in any art transport. Temperature, lighting conditions and route planning also play an important role. In a professional consultation for art transports, the topic of insurance is also not left unmentioned. Even for a shorter distance, such as from Berlin to Munich, collectors of rare paintings or other art objects must be informed in detail about the risks and possible protective measures. This is an obligatory part of every consultation at Geuer. Besides museums, artists also rely on Geuer’s safe transport. In addition, galleries and private exhibitions are among our customer base.