Pick up and delivery service

Your storage space creates valuable space at your site

For all furniture, goods, merchandise or files stored with us in your storerooms, you determine your own access options. These options also include a pick-up and delivery service on call and packing directly at your premises.

Qualified employees know advice immediately

Simply contact your personal Geuer contact person directly with your requirements. He will plan and coordinate everything so that the transport to or from your Geuer warehouse goes quickly and smoothly. You can also rely on the skill, punctuality and friendliness of our trained transport teams. For the way from A to B they choose the most convenient route and deliver your goods undamaged and well insured. This starts with washing machine and dryer in small and does not stop with oversized industrial equipment.

The right vehicle is always ready

If the transport of heavy or particularly bulky items exceeds your personal capabilities, we offer professional transport at fair prices. Order the contents of your storage room or your moving equipment to your home or workplace in a relaxed manner. We make use of our existing fleet and the special equipment that we have at our disposal for the most complex transports. Whether extra-large moving trucks, special boxes or the right transport packaging – we use it for you.

Self Storage

Self storage

Plenty of advantages, all under one roof.

Self-storage is becoming increasingly significant for regional requirements or as an intermediate storage. Clean, safe, dry – these are the basic[…]



From jumbo boxes to small parts compartments.

To avoid damage during transport as far as possible, there are professional packaging materials available of every shape and size […]


Container storage

Storage containers - always a flexible solution.

Our modern warehouse has been specifically designed for service-oriented storage of household items, office furniture or commodities. […]