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Umzüge für Gesundheitstechnik.


Luxembourg Institute of Health Quelle: Luxembourg Institute of Health

Luxembourg Institute of Health
1 AB, Rue Thomas Edison, L – 1445 Strassen

Removals volume

1,116 m3

Removals goods

  •     150 laboratory workplaces
  •     970 hazardous materials / chemicals

Planning and implementation of the overall relocation of 3 old premises in the House of Biohealth in Esch-to-Alzette, Luxembourg.

MVZ Clotten

MVZ Clotten - Freiburg Quelle: MVZ Clotten - Freiburg

Health Care Centre for Laboratory Medicine
Merzhauser Straße 112a, 79100 Freiburg

Removals volume

1,900 m3

Removals consulting, planning and implementation of the entire medical examination laboratories incl. All equipment, laboratory materials and laboratory furniture and the IT infrastructure and management of all workstations