Laboratory Relocation

The most complex Geuer special discipline

Planning and logistics of a laboratory move require far more qualification than any other move. During a laboratory move, several years of research work and sensitive research results are sometimes part of the removal goods. Therefore, the highest safety standards must be maintained for the transport and storage of sensitive equipment, hazardous goods or laboratory materials. With the experience gained from many large laboratory moves, Geuer is in a league of its own here.

We take care of everything!

Chemicals - Laboratory equipment Transport - Packaging of laboratory materials

Our own experts analyse your needs

A team of dangerous goods experts and specialists will compile a database for you around the complete relocation concept for your laboratory. If you wish, including dismantling and later assembly of the technical equipment. This includes complex installations of all sizes, such as centrifuges and chromatographs of all kinds. No matter which laboratory is to be relocated, our references are guaranteed to provide an example that matches your relocation project. Nationwide and beyond the borders of Germany, we deploy our specialist staff at the location of your laboratory until the premises are ready for occupation. Under certain circumstances, we integrate ourselves into your workflow in such a way that a longer downtime of personnel and laboratory equipment does not even occur despite the relocation. For the relocation of your laboratory, we not only organise the transport, but also take care of the timely dismantling of all laboratory equipment in close cooperation with the manufacturers.

That speaks for us:

  • We have special packaging
  • Classify chemicals
  • Manage service providers
  • Offer nationwide service

We are certified for sustainable laboratory relocations


Laboratory logistics - there is no way around it for a safe workflow

Sensitive research results or sensitive laboratory materials and equipment are handled professionally by our staff, who are precisely trained in the handling of laboratory materials. Handling chemicals and complex laboratory equipment is also no new territory for our specialist staff. Transport in clean rooms or of highly sensitive laboratory equipment and the relocation of research objects are also part of the daily business of Geuer’s relocation world.


Umzugsplanung Referenz

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Clariant Products

Our references certainly reflect your project

Our laboratory customers are, for example, research institutes and offices as well as companies from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and life sciences sectors or manufacturers of laboratory equipment. We offer full service for relocations in accordance with GMP standards and in compliance with all quality standards. Including requalification of the laboratory equipment after the move.

Maximum safety through optimal transport

Our fleet is equipped for laboratory moves of all sizes. The drivers have dangerous goods certificates according to ADR/GGVS and know all the regulations. For transport, we use special boxes for highly sensitive or sterile equipment, partly from our own production. Shock- and tip-proof transport containers with ADR approval for biological, chemical or radioactive material are just as much a part of this as special cooling boxes and cooling systems.

umzug von laboren


At Geuer, laboratory relocation only takes place under the absolute highest safety precautions. No removal goods are moved without it being clear in advance how, where and with what they may be transported. The need for safety is equally high for the removal goods and the staff. Insurance, which we offer to our customers, provides protection and security against the worst. At Geuer, we are proud that this has not yet been necessary, and believe that it speaks for our first-class service.


When we move a laboratory, only our skilled workers with special training and some additional training are used. Sensitive machines or hazardous materials and chemicals should not be transported without sound knowledge. That's why we have trained our staff to work in the laboratory and regularly take part in further training. You can rely on the know-how of our staff and trust that we are very familiar with the matter of laboratory transport.


Showing up on moving day and just getting started rarely works well when moving a small flat. In the case of a laboratory, this is unthinkable. An unplanned lab move often ends in disaster for the staff and the research objects. That's why we at Geuer take the time to plan your move expertly and carry it out with attention to detail. The causal chain of an accident during a laboratory move is long. Avoid this and act on the advice of the project managers, removal managers and transport staff.

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