Cleanroom transport

Moving under special conditions

Whether in research, medical technology or high-tech industries, cleanrooms are increasingly a prerequisite for specialised work in special environments.

GEUER International supports you in your project from planning and implementation to quality control and can package and transport all ISO levels from 9-1 and grey room areas without cancelling the clean room status.

We are happy to assist you with special materials produced in-house, a mobile cleanroom airlock and our staff’s many years of experience.

Give us a call and let us advise you without obligation!

One of the biggest challenges when relocating a laboratory is moving the cleanroom. We at GEUER have developed into one of the few specialists in Germany in this field. We have experience in dealing with cleanrooms from more than 150 projects. We have successfully relocated laboratories and their associated cleanrooms in many parts of Germany.

Transporte im Reinraum

Maximum care during cleanroom transport

At Geuer, we know that more than just sensitive equipment and materials need to be transported in a laboratory. In a cleanroom, the highest hygiene standards and absolute care are therefore our top priority. We operate in cleanrooms with special transport tools, sterile materials and exclusively trained personnel.