Deep cool transportation

High values are at stake

Laboratory logistics with its sensitive and high-quality products and high hygienic standards is one of Geuer’s flagships. A special role in almost every laboratory relocation or material transport is played by the seamlessly guaranteed cold chain throughout the entire process. Precision, specially developed packaging materials, special equipment and highly qualified personnel are indispensable for this.

Trockeneis kühlgeführte Transporte

Our experience ensures your research

Refrigerated laboratory transports usually involve sensitive sample material that must be transported in strict compliance with the cold chain. With this refrigerated material, the unconditional preservation of its properties is the higher value than the material. It often represents the results of years of research. That is why we are proud to be chosen again and again as a moving partner by many leading institutions and laboratories.

Geuer has special equipment such as refrigerated vehicles, special refrigeration systems and packaging. Every transport is documented by means of data loggers. However, equipment and its contents are not only transported, but also re-installed or set up on site, if required. The relocation protocol provides detailed information on this. All work steps are recorded in it and logged in a binding manner.