Hazardous & Chemical goods transport

No experiments on the road

Extremely strict safety regulations apply to the transport of hazardous biological, chemical or radioactive materials in public areas. Not only for transport within Germany – many of these regulations are international standards. This means that they are also binding for the cross-border transport of hazardous materials. As an established service provider for this area, you always play it safe with Geuer.

Transportation of dangerous goods of all classes.

For the execution of your dangerous goods transports, Geuer exclusively uses well-trained specialist personnel with a high sense of responsibility. All drivers, logisticians and external partners are regularly checked and trained to ensure that they are up to date with the latest regulations for all classes of dangerous goods.

Know-how and equipment for maximum safety

Our dangerous goods experts plan the transport of your dangerous goods down to the last detail. We are familiar with the proper packaging and safe transport of sensitive hazardous materials and equipment. Our drivers have the dangerous goods certificates according to ADR/GGVS and know and follow all relevant regulations.

If necessary, special transport boxes with highly sensitive shock or tipping indicators are used for the best possible safety. We do not only advise you individually on the transport of dangerous goods: We are also happy to move complete administration and production areas for dangerous goods for you. Talk to us specifically about this. We at Geuer have been dealing with the special logistics for the transport of dangerous goods since the early 2000s. Formerly founded as a freight forwarding company for removals, Geuer quickly established itself as the market-leading company for laboratory transports. From this business field, the specialization in the transport of hazardous materials and laboratory samples of all kinds quickly developed.
The transportation of hazardous materials requires personnel and equipment of a class all its own. Personnel, materials, traffic and trucks or refrigerated trucks must be precisely coordinated. All vehicles must meet the standards of the latest ADR regulations. The labeling of all substances and samples is mandatory and serves to ensure the quality of the transport as well as the safety of all persons involved and the public space.
It is not uncommon for us to organize the transport of substances and hazardous goods by air freight for our customers. Here, too, the highest demands on personnel and material apply, which Geuer has been meeting for years. Packing in nitrogen tanks or dry ice boxes is part of the daily handling of our specialized personnel. The list of high-quality references is long. You are sure to find a reference that is very similar to your project. Geuer offers its services for this nationwide and even beyond the borders of Europe.