Service Provider

We the link to brands and manufacturers

In many areas, the relocation of laboratories, cleanrooms or parts thereof is linked to extensive recertifications at the new location. Save yourself many of these steps downstream and let us integrate them into the relocation processes right from the start. Geuer works directly with the responsible authorities and service technicians of the laboratory equipment manufacturers and has had the best contacts for many years.

For as little lab downtime as possible

No one masters the test procedures for sensitive laboratory technologies, devices and systems as reliably and quickly as the manufacturer’s personnel trained in them. That is why we involve these specialists responsibly in the reinstallation of laboratory technology right from the start. Well documented, these tests are not only reproducible in the future, but also recognized building blocks for any audit by competent authorities.

Security for all devices from a single source

High-quality microscopes, complex centrifuges and fine balances or gas chromatographs are investments worth millions. The Geuer service offering includes all relevant maintenance, testing and repair of laboratory technology from a single source. In this way, you avoid the expense of having to take over and coordinate the recommissioning of individual technical components yourself.

The result is a reliably calculable and schedulable recommissioning of your laboratory after the move. No delays in planning, no idle time in your processes, minimal downtime – count on Geuer as your service provider for your laboratory relocation.