Library move

For large inventories of all media types

The relocation of extensive libraries and archives of print media, books, antiquarian books or technical data carriers is handled by a Geuer team of experienced specialists. They create a special, individual guidance system that documents the current status of your move at all times. From the inventory to the placement of your holdings at the new location.

We create overview with system

Inventory recording and inventory management are carried out in detail and adapted to your individual needs. For example, we align the format, signature, volume and location of the books to your needs. Successful relocations of libraries with more than 10,000 linear meters of shelf space are now standard practice at Geuer.


We have experience from many projects

For moving libraries, the moving company Geuer International is a well-known specialist company throughout the Federal Republic.

Experience as an opportunity for optimization

Benefit from our special know-how, which we can call upon for you from many reference projects for library relocations and archive relocations. Perhaps your first Geuer assignment is the opportunity for a fundamental restructuring of your holdings? The management of an overflowing or outdated filing system may well be the reason for your first consultation with Geuer.