Moving to and from the USA - Your moving company: Geuer

For many Germans willing to emigrate, the U.S. offers the opportunity for a career change or even a new start. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a job in research and science, as an academic or as a skilled worker. Moving permanently from Germany to the USA involves a lot of planning and preparation. Many emigrants choose the cosmopolitan city of New York City, located on the east coast of the United States, or the capital Washington. Whichever of the 50 states of the USA you favor as a country of immigration, Geuer is always at your side with advice and support.

Our moving service - your moving company

Talk to our overseas moving specialists and hire our freight forwarding company to take care of all the necessary formalities for a stress-free move to the USA. Without professional help, chaos is inevitable, because the checklist of all the things that need to be done is long. The first hurdle to be cleared is obtaining the visa. For this purpose, the U.S. government annually draws a contingent of the so-called green card, which entitles the holder to work and live there permanently, in a lottery whose participation must be applied for. The winners are looked after by the responsible consulting agency “The American Dream” until they enter the country. The process continues with

  • the scheduling of the move,
  • termination of contracts
  • informing the authorities, insurances and health insurance,
  • forwarding service of the German Post,
  • checking the passport
  • up to the transport of the own vehicle
  • or organizing the move with pets.

Especially a transport overseas can quickly become unmanageable for the layman. Even just shipping the entire household goods and furniture or transporting them by air freight should be placed in the hands of an experienced moving company. It is necessary to decide whether the transport should be by air or water, of course in safe containers and with the necessary insurance coverage. Important: A valid residence permit must be presented to customs so that the removal goods can also be imported. If a pet is moving with you, a health certificate for the animal is required. Our experts for overseas removals are well acquainted with the modalities of re-registration, customs and entry regulations.

What to expect in the USA

No matter where your new center of life in the USA is located. In any case, countless new impressions await you. The different time zones will certainly take some getting used to. The huge country unfolds from the west coast at the Pacific to the Atlantic coast in the east as well as in the south to the Gulf of Mexico. New York has a special flair and many cafes, restaurants, bars and theaters, the all towering skyline of Manhattan and the pulsating life there are impressive. The different climatic zones have produced a variety of landscapes. Lush forests, rugged coasts, paradisiacal beaches and the Rocky Mountains characterize the landscape. Worth seeing are the Florida Keys, national parks with an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna. And not to forget the legendary Route 66. While you are already mentally adjusting to your new surroundings, we will take care of a smooth move.

We will gladly make you a very individual offer free of charge.  This way you have a very high quality of advice from the very beginning and are protected from nasty cost traps of flat rate providers. The costs for a move to the USA can hardly be estimated as a lump sum and you should let such providers explain to you exactly where additional costs can occur. With us no cost center remains undiscussed and in your offer you will find all points clearly explained. We carry out the removal of your goods with containers. These are special DIN overseas containers designed for worldwide transport.

Our containers have the addition that they have a ventilation system and are designed for the transport of furniture and household goods. In America we would like to welcome you as stress-free as possible and therefore we carry out your international move with the utmost care. You can fully rely on the experience of our professionals who can report from countless moves all over the world. Our relocation service includes the complete relocation of your goods. This includes not only the packing and transport but also the organization of all customs and import regulations. Our customs agents are well prepared for the relocation of foreigners and will take care of your importation extensively. This service covers everything that is involved in moving abroad. From the application for a visa to the registration of the car.

What you need to pay attention to

Our moving guide has valuable tips for you, including: You will need American Social Security, without proof of which you will not be able to open a bank account, for example. It is advisable to take out additional private health insurance. Electrical appliances require a converter to adapt the voltage to German appliances, and adapters are required for electrical outlets.

Many regulations must be observed, which we will gladly take care of for you personally. Trust us at Geuer.