Moving to Miami with the pros

Florida is a popular emigrant destination and offers a wide range of jobs. If you want to move there, it is best to plan and carry out your move professionally with Geuer.

Your new place of residence Miami is very lively and offers interesting jobs as well as a great cultural offer. Especially Fort Myers, Naples and the surrounding area are popular places for Europeans to work, retire or buy real estate there. In some places even the German language already dominates. So choose exactly the corner of Miami that suits you – your moving experts from Geuer will take care of all formalities and the safe transport of your belongings to your dream destination Miami.

Our moving service - your moving company

Entrust Geuer with the complete handling of all necessary formalities for a stress-free move to Miami. Without professional help, chaos is inevitable, because the checklist of all things to be done is long. Your moving consultant will provide you with a detailed schedule of the complete move. This includes

  1. the cancellation of contracts
  2. as the timely information of authorities, insurances and health insurances
  3. the forwarding service of the German Post
  4. verification of the passport
    up to the transport of the own vehicle
  5. or organizing the move with pets.

Like any overseas transportation, moving to Miami can be not so easy for the layman in many aspects. Shipping or airlifting all of the household goods and furniture should therefore be placed in the hands of an experienced moving company that knows how to do it – like Geuer. It is important to decide whether the transport should be by air or water, of course in safe containers and with the necessary insurance cover. Important: A valid residence permit must be presented to customs so that the removal goods can also be imported. If a pet is moving with you, a current health certificate for the animal is required. Our experts for overseas removals are very familiar with all modalities of re-registration, customs and entry regulations for all your belongings – you can rely on them.

What to expect in Miami

With about 400,000 inhabitants, Miami is neither the largest city nor even the capital of Florida. For most people, however, Miami is the best known and the most popular destination in the Sun Shine State. Miami is also dubbed the unofficial capital of Latin America because of its economic, business and cultural importance – you’ll find that this assessment comes with a pleasantly high quality of life!

Tourism plays a major role in the city – currently around 30 million visitors are counted annually. Downtown Miami has a high concentration of banks, through which many important South American financial matters are handled. In addition, the Port of Miami plays a major role in passenger and freight traffic, and the city’s international airport is one of the busiest in the United States.

The climate in Miami is warm and tropical all year round. From mid-August to the end of September, there is a danger with regard to hurricanes, whose spectacular pictures appear again and again in the German media…

What you need to pay attention to when moving

Just take a look at our moving guide. It contains further valuable tips for you. Among other things, you will need the American Social Security, without which you cannot open a bank account, for example. It is a good idea to take out additional private health insurance. For electrical appliances, you will need a converter to adapt the voltage to German appliances, and adapters will be needed for electrical outlets. Many regulations have to be observed, which we will gladly take care of for you personally.


In any case, it is worth talking to our experts about customs and import regulations. When moving to America, there are always many logistical challenges that we can help you with professionally.