Moving to New Zealand with the professionals

If you are drawn to New Zealand with all your might: This country has everything you are looking for! Be it professional reasons or your private pleasure, for a customized move Geuer is the right moving partner. Describe your plans in New Zealand to us and look forward to a detailed offer on all services you want for your move. This way you create the free space for your plans directly on site, because the organization of your move will be competently taken care of by your moving team from Geuer down to the last detail.

Our moving service - your moving company

Relocation planning always starts with a personal meeting. You conduct it with one of our moving consultants especially for overseas moves. Together you will create a checklist of the scope of services that our moving company will provide for you. The moving preparations include perfect organization and coordination, setting the moving date, safe packing of the household goods and furniture, choice of the transport route and booking the means of transport.

Important utensils and an initial supply of clothing are sent in advance by air freight. The furniture and other household goods take the way by ship, all packed in special containers. Once your belongings have arrived back on land, they will be safely transported to your new home, where they will be reassembled and put away.

A complete inventory list in English, even of small items, is essential. So is an import declaration and confirmation of insurance, as well as a certified copy of the passport for each person moving to New Zealand. Your belongings are generally exempt from duty if you can prove that they have been in your possession for at least 21 months. The best way to prove this is with purchase receipts, warranty documents or similar.

Your car or boat can also be imported duty free if it has been in your possession for at least 1 year. However, in the case of a passenger car, it is worth considering whether a new purchase in New Zealand would not make more sense: After importation, it would have to be converted to drive on the left – and that will be expensive. It is advantageous to be able to present an employment contract when entering the country or, if you are a pensioner, to provide proof that you are receiving your pension. Of course, the competent specialists of our moving company are familiar with all entry regulations and will gladly take care of all formalities.

What awaits you in New Zealand

New Zealand is about the size of England and has a fairly solid economic and health care system. For emigrants, the country offers many professional development opportunities. The unemployment rate tends to be relatively constant around 3 percent, which is a very good figure by international standards. The economy benefits from low tax rates, low non-wage labor costs, qualified personnel and good purchasing power.

In addition to professional prospects, it is above all the unique diversity of nature that attracts so many emigrants to New Zealand. With an average of 2,200 hours of sunshine per year and a temperate climate, it is particularly pleasant to spend time on one of the numerous palm-fringed beaches or lakes with crystal-clear water. The enchanting landscape of New Zealand fascinates every day anew even after years – a wonderful compensation for all the efforts you might expect when starting a new career in New Zealand.

Especially sports enthusiasts will get their money’s worth in New Zealand.

Climbing glaciers, hiking in the mountains or highlands, diving, sailing or surfing, playing cricket or rugby in the park…

The hospitality and openness of the New Zealanders and their mix of European-Pacific lifestyle will charm you. Every immigrant will feel welcome and at home after a short time. By the way, the national currency is the New Zealand dollar.

Worauf Sie achten müssen

Our moving guide contains further valuable tips for you. Remember to take care of notices of termination as well as registration and re-registration with insurance companies and authorities on time. Important to know: New Zealand also has tax law, social security law and labor law with country-specific peculiarities. Our experienced moving staff for private moves overseas will ensure a relaxed, smooth and on schedule process of the entire moving project with our “door-to-door service”. Trust our moving service to know every detail for you.