Move to Argentina with the professionals

Buenos Dias Argentina! For many German citizens, greeting that distant country with these words has not remained just a dream. You too would like to emigrate to Argentina, be it for professional or emotional reasons? Wouldn’t there be the costly overseas move? However, this loses its horror when the Geuer relocation team accompanies you in an advisory and energetic manner.

Our moving service - your moving company

The planning of the move starts with a personal conversation, which you will have with one of our moving consultants especially for overseas moves. A checklist is used to discuss in detail the scope of services that our moving company is to provide. The preparations for the move include


  • a perfect organization and coordination,
  • the setting of the moving date,
  • safe packing of the household goods and furniture,
  • choice of the transport route
  • as well as booking the means of transport.


Important utensils and an initial set of clothes are sent in advance by air freight. The furniture and other household goods take the way by ship, all packed in special containers. Once your belongings have arrived back on land, they are safely transported to your new home, where they are reassembled and put away. There are no customs fees for the removal goods, but the sea waybill and a detailed removal goods list with value information must be carried along. If you are taking your car to Argentina, the Argentine government must be informed in advance of the make, year of manufacture, engine capacity and current value.


There is no visa requirement for German immigrants. A residence permit has to be applied for already in Germany at the responsible consulate. In addition, you should know that a permanent residence permit is issued only after the expiration of a temporary residence permit. It is advantageous to be able to present an employment contract when entering the country or, if you are a pensioner, to provide proof that you are receiving a pension. Of course, the competent specialists of our moving company are familiar with the entry regulations and will gladly take care of the formalities.

What awaits you in Brazil

Argentina, the second largest country in South America, known as the land of the gauchos and the home of the tango, is a country of superlatives in every respect. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the mighty mountain ranges of the Andes. It reaches from the Brazilian border to the Antarctic continent. Thus, all climatic zones are represented in the country. The Spanish influence, shaped by the former colonial period, is unmistakable. Therefore, the national language is Spanish. Of the 37 million inhabitants, 14 million live in the capital Buenos Aires alone. On the other hand, large parts of the country are quite sparsely populated due to the climatic conditions. Argentina is considered the most modern country in South America. It is particularly rich in natural resources. These include crude oil, natural gas and metals. One of the country’s main industries is still agriculture.

Brazil’s economy is the seventh largest in the world and tends to be oriented toward the domestic market. Services and raw materials dominate. The previously strong economic growth has been slowed in recent years by the decline in commodity prices.

What you need to pay attention to when moving

Our moving guide has valuable tips for you. Remember to take care of notices of termination as well as registration and re-registration with insurance companies and authorities on time. Important to know: Argentina also has tax law, social security law and labor law. The currency is the Argentine Peso. It is advantageous to acquire Spanish language skills in time to quickly feel at home.

Our experienced moving staff for private overseas moves will ensure a relaxed, smooth and on-time execution of the entire moving project with our “door-to-door service”. Trust our moving service.