Move to China with the professionals

Engineers, managers and qualified specialists from Germany are offered interesting professional prospects with good career opportunities in China. That is why more and more German citizens are considering relocating permanently to this country. This step should be well thought out, especially if the family is also moving. Before the move can begin, however, the extensive preparations for the move must be made, which our experienced relocation experts for international moves will be happy to take care of.

Our moving service - your moving company

Our relocation service specializes in providing complete assistance for the complex overseas move to China with a comprehensive range of services. The relocation preparations include


  • perfect organization and coordination
  • the setting of the moving date
  • safe packing of household goods and furniture in special containers
  • choice of the transport route as well as booking the means of transport.

Visa is required for entry into China. In order to apply for the work visa, you need the work permit to be applied for by your employer. Only then can you apply for the so-called Z visa. The application should already be made in Germany in order to receive the residence permit as quickly as possible after entry.

Customs regulations in China vary from region to region. In any case, the removal goods must be listed in detail, regardless of whether they are sent by air or sea freight. An import permit is required for customs clearance. Only after receiving the residence card can you apply to the customs office for permission to import your personal effects duty-free. Once the clearance is granted, your belongings will be picked up by our movers, brought safely to your new home, set up and put away.


Moving to China means a lot of bureaucracy and numerous applications to be filed in time. Of course, we are your competent contact persons in these cases as well. The specialists of our professional moving company are familiar with the import and entry regulations and will gladly take care of the formalities.


Your new environment

China is the largest country in Asia and with 1.4 million people the most populous country on earth. It can look back on a history of over 5000 years. Thus, it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Everywhere in the Middle Kingdom, as it used to be called, there is evidence of this ancient culture. Since its opening 30 years ago, China has developed at a breathtaking pace into a modern economy characterized by services and technology.

In this process, huge megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants have emerged. The largest of these cities are Shanghai, the capital Beijing, and Hong Kong, the latter of which was able to maintain a special status with a high degree of internal autonomy after it was handed over to China by the British. Food in China is traditionally taken with chopsticks. The cuisine is as diverse as China’s population structure. The total population is made up of 65 ethnic groups, of which the Hang Chinese are the largest group with over 90 percent.

Simply move to China

Our moving guide has valuable tips for you, including: In the distant, foreign country of China, personal, social contacts are important. Therefore, learn the Chinese language in time, English alone will not be enough in the long run. Even normal shopping will be difficult without Chinese language skills, as haggling is common in the markets. The currency is the Renminbi or Yuan. Although there is also a contributory social security system in China, the benefits are very low. It is urgently necessary to take out private health insurance. If pets are to move with you, special regulations must be observed, which are associated with high costs.

Our experienced moving staff for private overseas moves will ensure a relaxed, smooth and timely completion of the entire moving project with our “door-to-door service”. Trust the moving service of Geuer.