Moving to Japan with the pros

Japan has not been one of the classic emigration countries so far. Nevertheless, the decision has been made. You will soon start an interesting job and emigrate from Germany to Japan. In the distant, foreign country, many new impressions await you during the settling-in period. The biggest challenge, however, is to cope with the move. Our moving company is at your side with advice and support, so that there is no moving chaos in the first place.

Our moving service - your moving company

The complex move with all the furniture is not a problem for our experienced moving company. In any case, the relocation planning should begin in time. With our relocation consultant especially for overseas moves, you will determine in detail, based on a checklist, whether and what work you want to do yourself. Our moving service includes the scope of all work involved in moving out of your previous home

  • safe packing in containers
  • as well as organization of the optimal means of transport
  • and coordination of transport routes
    or the date of the move.

Your belongings will be received at one of the seaports by our moving experts, transported to your new residence, set up and put away. Apartments and houses in Japan are mostly offered furnished. Therefore, it is often not worthwhile to take all furniture and electrical appliances with you.

The import of private removal goods is duty-free, as long as they are not new goods and are declared on the enclosed packing list. Used vehicles are also duty and tax free. Proof of purchase must be presented for this purpose. As a German citizen you need a passport for entry. For a permanent stay in Japan you have to apply for a visa at the responsible foreign mission in Germany. Within two weeks of moving in, you must report to the relevant town hall. Here you will receive a resident card upon request, on which your residence will be registered. Of course, the competent specialists of our moving company are familiar with the customs and entry regulations and will gladly take care of the formalities.

Your new environment

Japan is an island nation in East Asia. With 127 million inhabitants, it is one of the most populous countries in the world. The climate in the individual regions ranges from moderate to subtropical. The population structure is very homogeneous. Japanese is spoken almost exclusively. Most people live in the large cities. With 40 million inhabitants, the Tokyo metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan region in the world. Accordingly, living space is limited.

The cost of living, especially housing, is considered relatively high. Japan has a very highly developed and export-intensive economy. It is considered one of the strongest in the world. To maintain this high level, Japan generally attaches importance to a good standard of education for the population.

What to look for when moving to Japan?

Our relocation guide has valuable tips for you, including: As soon as you start thinking about emigrating to Japan, you should start learning the local language, Japanese. You will need to have your German driver’s license rewritten at a Japanese driver’s license office. It will have an expiration date and therefore must always be renewed in a timely manner. To avoid embarrassing situations, you should familiarize yourself with some Japanese ways of living in everyday life. For example, greeting is never done by shaking hands. The usual greeting is “konnichiwa” with a bow and a smile.


Our experienced moving staff for private overseas moves will ensure that the entire moving project is relaxed, smooth and on schedule with our “door-to-door service”. Trust the moving service of Geuer.