Moving to Montreal with the pros

Canada is one of the countries with the highest quality of life in the world. The gorgeous Canadian landscape and its lively metropolises make Canada a popular country for immigrants – and help Montreal to a place at the top of the wish list.

Foreigners with special skills (craftsmen, medical personnel, technicians and engineers…) are in high demand as immigrants and the predicate “made in Germany” is not only a synonym for quality in products, but also in skilled workers. So – welcome to Montreal! Your specialists from Geuer will take care that your move to the Canadian metropolis will be as uncomplicated as possible. You can count on it!

Our moving service - your moving company

Contact one of our specialists for overseas moves and get a detailed offer for your move to Montreal. Your Geuer contact knows all the necessary formalities and deadlines and will draw up a personal moving plan with you, which can then be worked through point by point in a stress-free manner using a checklist.

Very important: A valid residence permit must be available at the customs and re-registration modalities, customs and entry regulations should always be applied for in time, so that they are complete on the moving date.

Surely it will not surprise you: Especially an overseas transport can quickly become unmanageable for the layman. Shipping or airfreighting your entire household goods and furniture alone should therefore be placed in the hands of an experienced moving company, so that everything works out as desired and on the desired date. The transport of your household goods by air or water will of course be done in safe containers and with the necessary insurance coverage.

What to expect in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is very similar to that in Germany. Gasoline is much cheaper than in Germany, but rents are higher, which is why buying a house is often worthwhile – even in Montreal in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The metropolis on the St. Lawrence River usually has to endure snowy winters with temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees Celsius, but this does not dampen the joie de vivre in the individual communities or districts. Montreal is divided into 19 arondissements, some of which are very differently characterized by a mix of French, British and American tradition and architecture. For more than 150 years Montreal was the economic center of the country. Therefore, not only appropriate residential and commercial buildings are part of the cityscape, but also factories, silos, warehouses, mills and refineries. With 49 historically significant historical monuments, Montreal has more than any other city in Canada.

Montreal’s economy is diversified. Financial services, media, trade and design-oriented industries are at home there, as are more than 60 international organizations.

Tourism is also of great importance. Many sights and a diverse cultural offering with important museums and festivals attract millions of visitors to the city every year. With four universities and several other institutions of higher learning, Montreal is also an important center of education. As a vibrant transportation hub for rail and road, Montreal also has the largest inland port on the American continent.

The neighboring province of Ontario is just 60 kilometers to the west, and the U.S. border is just over 50 kilometers to the south. The cityscape is dominated by Mont Royal – a mountain that ultimately also gives the city its name.

What else you need to pay attention to

Our relocation guide has many valuable tips for you, which are especially important for your move to Montreal. Long-term immigrants, for example, must meet Canada’s “Skilled Worker and Professionals” points system, which is made up of requirements for language skills, work experience, age and qualifications, and family background.

If you have a residence permit, you can take almost all furniture and household items that are in your direct possession. This means that these items must be demonstrably paid for in full. However, ask yourself carefully beforehand whether it is really worthwhile for you to take them with you. Canada has a different voltage, and it is always better to buy a small music system, coffee maker, microwave or toaster in Montreal than to start your new life with temporary adapter solutions. Ask your relocation specialist at Geuer about this, too – he is sure to have many more useful tips for your move to Montreal ready for you.