Florida moving company

Have you been captivated by the fascination of the American Dream and Florida in particular? If you don’t just want to fly across the pond for a vacation, but want to stay in America permanently, a move with Geuer is exactly the right decision.

If you want to emigrate permanently to the USA, you need an unlimited residence and work permit – the “United States Permanent Resident Card” – and must meet certain requirements. This type of green card is a terminated immigrant visa: if you do not emigrate to the U.S. within this specific period, your right to it expires. There are two ways to obtain a Resident Card: You can apply for it in writing at the U.S. Consulate General in Frankfurt under certain conditions or you can win it in a green card lottery. Please also ask your Geuer relocation consultant personally about the best alternative for you.

Our moving service - your moving company

The best thing to do is simply hire our freight forwarder to take care of all the necessary formalities for a stress-free move to Florida. Without professional help, chaos is pre-programmed, because the checklist of all things to be done is long. Your Geuer moving consultant will provide you with a detailed schedule of the complete move.

This includes

  1. the cancellation of contracts as well as
  2. the timely information of authorities, insurances and health insurances,
  3. the forwarding service of the German Post, passport check, and even the
    transporting your own vehicle or
  4. organization of the move with pets.

Like any overseas transportation, moving to Florida may not be so easy for the layman in many aspects. Shipping or airlifting all of the household goods and furniture should therefore be placed in the hands of an experienced moving company that knows how to do it – like Geuer. It is important to decide whether the transport should be by air or water, of course in safe containers and with the necessary insurance cover. Important: A valid residence permit must be presented to customs so that the removal goods can also be imported. If a pet is moving with you, a current health certificate for the animal is required. Our experts for overseas removals are very familiar with all modalities of re-registration, customs and entry regulations for all your belongings – you can rely on them.

What to expect in Florida

If you want to get to know and love Florida from its most typical side, an airboat tour through the Everglades is a must. The loud propeller boats jet through the swamps and mangrove forests at up to 65 miles per hour and symbolize the American penchant for speed and freedom like hardly any other vehicle.

If you want to save money, get coupons in advance at a tourist center, for example at the Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center on Highway 29. The best way to reach Everglade National Park, which covers a total of just under 6,000 square kilometers, is via Highway 41.

If you go on a round trip through the Sunshine State in Florida’s high season, i.e. in the German winter, overnight stays should be well planned. Be sure to book hotels in advance, as many establishments are otherwise fully booked or charge overpriced rates.

Many people with South American roots live in Florida. You will find that this has a particularly strong effect on the cuisine in your new home Florida.

Besides burritos and tacos, you can buy the Cuban sandwich on every corner – a snack with many regional variations especially in the south of the state of Florida.

Florida’s climate is humid and subtropical, with only the south having a tropical climate. The average daily maximum temperatures are in January, in the north around 20 degrees during the day and the lowest temperatures at night around 5 degrees. In the south, daytime temperatures in January reach around 24, with nighttime temperatures dropping to 18 degrees.

The water masses surrounding Florida have a great influence on the temperature. From March on, temperatures rise significantly, but the hottest months are July and August. Most precipitation falls in Florida from June to September. Especially in northern Florida, cold air blasts are not uncommon in winter, but they rarely bring snow.

While you are already mentally adjusting to your new surroundings, Geuer will take care of a smooth move. To Florida, the Sun Shine State and longing destination of so many German emigrants!

What to consider when moving

Just take a look at our moving guide. It contains further valuable tips for you. Among other things, you will need the American Social Security, without which you cannot open a bank account, for example. It is a good idea to take out additional private health insurance. For electrical appliances, you will need a converter to adapt the voltage to German appliances, and adapters will be needed for electrical outlets. Many regulations have to be considered, which we will gladly take care of for you personally. Trust us at Geuer.