Moving to and from France with the professionals

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to the cosmopolitan city of Paris for professional reasons, for example, or you would like to enjoy your retirement in Provence in a Mediterranean climate. The permanent entry into our neighboring country is quite easy due to the freedom of movement law for EU members. However, the move itself is always a logistical challenge, which we face as an experienced moving company.

Our moving service - your moving company

Let our experienced moving company know your moving request. Our moving consultants will devote themselves to the various preparations for the move together with you. To keep an eye on the costs, a moving calculator proves helpful. You decide whether you would like to take care of part of the long checklist yourself, such as procuring moving boxes, packing and unpacking household goods, and applying for any special permits for parking for loading and unloading. Or you can place a full-service order with us. Then the experts of our moving company will completely take care of all these and many other necessary tasks, such as


  • scheduling coordination
  • formalities to be taken care of
  • proper disposal
  • or the request of professional craftsmen for the installation of your kitchen appliances
  • and assembling the furniture.

There are no customs fees for importing your household goods into France, and you do not need to provide a removal list. However, special regulations apply to works of art, medicines, weapons including ammunition, and cash once it exceeds a certain amount. An export license plate is required for moving with your car. For the new registration in France there are also some formalities to be taken care of, with which our relocation experts are very familiar. As a German citizen, you do not need a work permit or a residence permit in France. However, it is advisable to apply for a residence permit within three months at the competent police authority or at the town hall, as this will facilitate some official procedures. Your obligation, on the other hand, is to register with the competent French tax office by presenting your identity card.

Your new environment

France is the largest country in the EU. It stretches from the Mediterranean to the English Channel. The French appreciate elegance, art, excellent cuisine and fine wines. Art and culture are recognized worldwide. With 12.3 million people, the Paris metropolitan area is home to the largest number of inhabitants. France is divided into 18 regions, five of which are overseas.

Due to a relatively high birth rate, the population development is currently still stable. This is also due to a forward-looking family policy. For example, pre-school education is already offered in kindergartens at the age of two. Kindergarten attendance is all-day and essentially free of charge. In contrast to Germany, the education system is centralized. Emphasis is placed on selection and the formation of elites.


What else is important?

Our moving guide has valuable tips for you. Important to know: In France, there is only the state health insurance, which in turn is divided into four types of funds according to occupational groups. In addition to this basic coverage, it is advisable to take out supplementary health insurance. For the first residence in France an annual residence tax is due. It is advisable to learn the French language in good time. Also, do not forget to deregister your previous residence in Germany.

Emigrate; that is a big word. For many also a big step. We at Geuer are happy to help you so that the logistical perspective does not cause you any worries and you can fully concentrate on your new home. For our customers who are moving abroad, we offer our service very extensively and try to save you as much work as possible through our services as a relocation company.

Thereby full-service relocation is not a foreign word for us, but a real promise. In addition to the actual move and the logistical handling of all steps to your new home, we are also available during the move with helpful information for a successful start in your new environment. Our international relocation manager not only plans your entire move but also takes care of many organizational tasks. From ordering new telephone providers to running errands for an up-to-date passport, we’ll be happy to take care of it.